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Edwards quote

“Nothing puts a man so far from the devil’s reach as humility.”

– Jonathan Edwards

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Main Road

God, when He saved, put you on the main road to heaven. If you “Trust & Obey” (words of John Sammis) the road is well-marked. Watch out, satan has rabbit trails which can appeal to “your sense of justice.” He has mazes which can take years/energy of life & get you no-where. He has a “legitimate cause” (as seen through earthy lens) which in light of eternity, is a dangerous side-road. Stay on the Main Road!

– eab, 3/6/18

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Pro 16.25


Pro 16.25

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,

but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

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Earth’s night is coming with such speed.

Dark’ning shades fall – take heed.

Evil shall multiply worse and worse

Sinful sowing – a harvest of the curse.

Do not expect world-wide-awakening.

Satan’s grip – death’s final shaking

Await the world’s wide worship of self

Fully more evil as myth, fairy, or elf.

Antichrist comes; perhaps lives this hour

Shaping his groups, sharpening his power.

Earth and heaven will both pass away.

The above could sound like a gloomy day

The Bible foretells of earthquake and dark

Pestilence, famine, sights harsh and stark

Sin, so rampant since Eve’s disloyal act

Has grown, “gathered steam” on its wild track

Today’s the day Friend, if you’re going to come back.

– eab, March 2012

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“Love is expensive.”

– William C. Carpenter, 9/18/86


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No 2nd invite

A wealthy friend makes reservations for you at a high-end restaurant – a once-in-a-lifetime invite – he’s to meet you there. An “item” comes you’re want to do. You convince yourself the “item” is unavoidable. You call the friend explaining or you do a “no show.” Don’t be surprised if there’s no 2nd invitation. Ever! Christ paid a huge price for your Reservation in heaven. The devil offers sins & false theology argues sin is “unavoidable.” Wrong! Don’t be a “no show.” Don’t disappoint Christ! There’ll be no 2nd invite!

– eab, 3/6/18

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Mat 22.3

Mat 22.3

“And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.”


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