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Luk 10.18

“And he [Christ] said unto them, ‘I beheld satan as lightning fall from heaven.’”


The devil is a deceiver. John says satan is who, “…deceiveth the whole world…” (Rev 12.9). Don’t believe he’s left your favorite interest alone. Every field has been contaminated (more or less) by his nefarious claws. The business world is two-faced. Politics is almost synonymous with lies. Sports are rife with deception. Military operations mislead. Religions are known purveyors of myths. History’s been retold – Maps (geography) were “made” to suit ruling powers. Read everything carefully, i.e. the fine print.

– eab, 3/1/18


“The Word of God is the food of faith.”

– Richard Watson, quoted by Thomas Cook




If you too casually “sail”

Along life’s serious trail,

You will, after a while,

Find it a serious trial.

– eab, 3/10/06


Luk 1.37

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”


We admire people who have the ability to “work with what they have” – whether pioneers of old or modern missionaries. God will also “work with what you have” if you’ll let Him. He can do untold wonders in/with your life, if you’ll give Him 100%. Ready! Set! Go!

– eab, 3/9/18



“…Christ left a will…His soul to His Father, His body to Joseph…His clothes to the soldiers…but to His disciples…His peace.”

– Matthew Henry

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