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1Co 9.22

“…I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”


If you know one who doesn’t use internet based on religious scruples, please respect their decision. I see it as a tool to be used, if we don’t explore its dark alleys. It may be a temporary tool. (All of life is temporary, remember?) Now’s a time to use it for God’s glory & the good of fellow souls. It could disappear entirely or become regulated in such a way Believers would be excluded. Use it wisely while we may.

– eab, 3/21/18



“The moment we practically reject God’s truths, we embrace the lies of the god of this world

 and that means we take him for our god…” 

– John Fletcher, Works vol I


There’s no Scripture naming tobacco but it’s correctly seen as nasty & careful preachers have warned of it. If a pastor were caught with it, he might be removed. But the sin of Adultery is being ignored. Christ spoke against it (Mat 5.32,19.9; Mar 10.11-12; Luk 16.18). Paul condemns divorce & remarriage (Rom 7.2-3; 1Co 7.10-11). Adultery, un-confessed, will take one to hell. Why are modern pulpits ignoring this Sin?

– eab, 3/21/18




It is at the point of little things

That futures often meet.

The trail that’s chosen may soon decide,

The condition of the feet.


The very act that looked so small,

At the moment of decision.

Can turn the course, just enough,

To miss, O, perfect precision.


Don’t think that thoughtless acts or words,

Will always come to naught.

They change so much, in so little time,

And stay forever to haunt.


It’s the tiny thing done to a friend,

That will cause a friendship to end.

While a few kind words may win a foe,

Thus causing enmities to mend.


The twig that’s bent grows a bent tree;

A cause always brings a result.

Watch the little variations, they can be,

The awful, final, eternal fault.

– eab, Mar. 1975


Rev 20.10

“And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,

where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”



The devil’s goal/awards are temporary – they have to be; time is all he “has.” After time satan will cast into the lake of fire (Rev ch.19 & 20). God, by glorious contrast, has Eternity. His honors are not in time; His reward is forever & ever! If satan’s awards were decent (they’re not!) God’s would be much better because God’s excellent rewards are eternal.

– eab, 3/21/18


“…for one to kill himself, is to kill body and soul at once.”

– John Bunyan, /Pilgrim’s Progress/

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