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Gen 6.7 + + + +

Gen 6.7

“…The LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth…”


If you had a wicked desire to aggravate a man, all you have to do is mistreat his son. God sent His Son to the world. Sinful man: 1.) Did not believe He was God’s Son, 2.) Resented His teachings preferred their tradition of Sabbath to His healings of the sick, 3.) Refused His call for the New Birth, 4.) Rewarded His disciple to betray Him. 5.) Collaborated with heathendom to “try” Him, (con’t)

– eab, 3/24/18


“The most perfect and holy men are always subject…to imperfections…false conclusions…unfaithful memory…incorrect and even absurd opinions.”

– R S Foster, /Christian Perfection/


(see #1-5 elsewhere) 6.) Spit upon Him, 7.) Struck Him with the open & closed hand,  8.) Mocked His Kinghood,  9.) Made fun of Him saving His fellow-human-beings, 10.) Saw to it that He was condemned to be crucified, 11.) Required that His blood be on them & their children, 12.) Gave payola to heathen soldiers. Is it any wonder God require mankind to repent?

– eab, 3/24/18




The state cannot say it was there, the first week

The church can’t say it was there – already meek

The school was a “Johnny come late.”

The home was first – standing mate by mate.

– eab, 3/25/09



Mat 24.31

“…He shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather

 together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”


The Bible does not expect us to believe one(1) picture. Pseudo science expects us to believe picture after picture. In fact, pics are given as proof. Every picture before photography (1826-27) was drawn or painted – the work of a man’s interpretation, or the imagination of what he envisioned. With the development of photography, then, moving picture frames, then, cartoons, pics seem to have no limit. But, remember, it’s just a pic & may not be real!

– eab, 3/25/18


“When small men cast long shadows, the sun is about to set.”

– Paul Harvey


Like to travel? Good. Hate to travel? Sorry. We’re all traveling. We have no choice but to go toward eternity. Life’s a bit like a stream; carrying us along, some days over broad ripples, some hours down rapids, many weeks quietly, as deep waters, but all the while heading to finality. Though we can’t slow life down, we can ask God to forgive our sins, so that the end becomes a blessed goal, not an awful dread.

– eab, 3/23/18

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