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1Th 4.7 + + + +

1Th 4.7

“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness,

but unto holiness.”


Friend, we’re living in an age of “nominal holiness churches.” (Thank God for churches which DO NOT fit in this post.) Congregations have “holiness” in their paper work, in name, on a sign upfront or song book covers but heart purity is missing in pews & in too many pulpits. Once a holy man wept in that study. Once a holy man described the “putrid fruit” of carnality (warning) & the pure fruit of the Spirit (coaxing people to holiness) but he was voted out, died, or forced by age to retire. Oh, to see more Holiness churches.

– eab, 3/31/18


“I am a creature of a day…I drop into an unchanging eternity! I want to know one thing–the way to heaven…God Himself has condescended to teach the way…written in down in a book. Oh give me that Book!”

– J. Wesley



Hundreds, if not thousands, of churches tomorrow will hear, “He Is Risen!” And will respond, “He Is Risen Indeed!” Sadly, most of them won’t say it again till next spring. Saints, we’re missing something. We have a right, should I make it stronger? We have an obligation to remember, Every Lord’s Day is a commemoration of His Resurrection. Jesus gave us a New Day of worship: The Lord’s Day. Praise God!

– eab, 3/31/18




There once was a friend of Saint Paul,

Who forsook him at last, after all.

Demas loved this world, mean

‘Cause his heart was unclean.

Love not the world, or you’ll fall. 2Ti 4.10

– eab, 3/31/05




It’s no wonder that I love God,

Mere creature am I, of lowly sod.

The wonder is, Oh – that He loves me,

This Being who f – i – I – l – s  eternity!

– eab, 3/31/07


Gal 6.15

“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing,

nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.”


We think we know History because we read “it” in a History book. Who wrote that book? Where did he school? What were his sources? How broad & old & reliable were his sources? Who edited the book after he wrote it? What school(s) of thought influenced the editor? Who published that book? Who are they religiously? Politically? History is too easily re-written to suit the whims of those who are PC & RC (politically correct & religiously correct).

– eab, 3/31/18


“…Is it not reasonable to suppose that a Christian education should have no other end but to teach youth how to think and judge and act and live according to the strictest laws of Christianity?”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


An Awakening. Sinners do not get saved until they become Aware, of the wickedness of their heart. They can reform & many do; in our churches we’re having reformations instead of transformations (“…be ye transformed…” Rom 12.2). Would to God that He would help me (AND help some of you) to feel a holy urge to pray. Pray until a church near us begins to have an Awaking as the Methodists saw in England many decades ago. Lord help me.

– eab, 3/31/18

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