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1Ti 4.13

“Till I come, give attendance to reading,

to exhortation, to doctrine.”


To the pastor who hates to read – Do not read a text in church until you’ve read it over & over to yourself. Read it aloud to yourself or if your wife’s a better reader, read it to her (just the two of you). Read the Bible with an audio program playing the same chapter. Don’t feel that you must pronounce every name or “you’re not reading.” It’s better to read 5 verses with understanding than 25 without understanding. Most of all, talk to God about your reading problem. Almost everyone can improve & more so, with His help.

– eab, 3/24/18


“God gave them the victory but they had to fight the battle.”

– Charlie Haire (uncertain date or locale)



Sadly, many a person’s body has been enslaved. Slave’s bodies are forced to do tiring tasks. But slave masters can’t chain the mind. God made the mind a citadel, a fortress, designed so nobody can control it. Then some wicked soul “invented” brain-washing, a means of controlling one’s thinking. It’s terribly when the mind as well as the body is enslaved. But it’s most sad when a person actually subjects themselves, willingly, to having their mind bent; when they allow substance, cult, or entertainment to darken & drain their minds, while they “think” they’re free.

– eab, 4/1/18



Joseph’s “Step-Son”

A carpenter and his good wife

“Directed” the Lord’s early life.

Joseph taught Him to saw,

To use chisel and maul,

A “Step-Son” – without any strife. Mar 6.3

– eab, 4/1/05


Help me   Apr.

Help me to feed what You want fed,

Help me to say what You want said,

Help me to lead where You want led,

Guided by Your heart, not my head.

– eab, 4/1/09


Luk 18.1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,

that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;”


The world seems fascinated by numbers. Numbers have become more prevalent the last several decades. As Christ’s followers we honor, read, & remember The Word of God. We adore Christ as “the Word… made flesh…” (Joh 1.14). Therefore we’re not charmed by numbers. We use them, but neither fear nor worship them. We don’t allow numbers (nor arrangements thereof) to run or ruin our lives nor our futures.

– eab, 4/1/18


“…in the reign of Henry VIII an honest farmer once gave a cart load of hay

for one leaf of St. James Epistle in English.”

– Gilchrist Lawson, /Thoughts About the Bible


My dear fellow followers of Christ, Is it time to stop believing that good comes from power-politics: Educational politics, Church politics, a-n-d  Political politics? Christ, the coming King of earth, will be the only Correct Answer for this sin wrecked & sin racked world. Spend more time in prayer (not “formal” words but soul searching, self-less soul humility) & little-to-zero time in Democrat or Republican struggles.

– eab, 3/24/18

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