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Sharing a Pastor #1. Many evangelical/holiness churches have closed. Many others are so small they do not (perhaps can’t) support a pastor. A few may be “under the shadow” of a growing church in the immediate territory. But many of these are in areas where the nearest decent church is miles away. What’s the answer for struggling houses of worship? Perhaps some should consider sharing a man of God across miles.

– eab, 4/3/18


Act 8.4

“Therefore they that were scattered abroad

went every where preaching the word.”


Sharing a Pastor #2. Congregation “A” may have an out-of-debt parsonage. They keep heat on in winter (to not have frozen pipes) & by the time they pay church utilities they can offer only a tiny salary or none. Congregation “B” has no parsonage (no winter-heating bill). They can offer a small salary but couldn’t, if they had to make payments (bank notes or rent a house). Maybe “A” & “B” can each have half a pastor.

– eab, 4/3/18


“We are destined eternally to spend eternity where our treasures are.”

– Daryl D Hausman, 6/15/95



Sharing a Pastor #3. “A”&“B” leadership could set up a yearly schedule trying to be fair to each group.

Much depends on distance between “A”&“B,” the road condition between, how flexible they will be.

“A” – 1st & 3rd Lord’s Day AM (PM at B)    “B” – 2nd & 4th Lord’s Day AM (PM at A)  Or “A” – 9AM & “B” – 11AM & “A” 1st & 3rd Lord’s Day PM.  “B” 2nd & 4th Lord’s Day PM. Tweak as necessary.

– eab, 4/3/18




A duck I saw on yonder “pond,”

Of being a duck, I hope he’s fond;

‘Cause that’s what he was hatched to be,

He’ll be a duck o’er land, o’er sea,

Until the day he dies.

One’s “born again” to be a saint,

Living for Christ has no complaint,

A Christian’s like Christ – thus he is born,

And tells it (like the duck with his “horn”)

Until the day he dies.

– eab, 4/2/07


Act 1.9

“God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship

 of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.”


Sharing a Pastor #4. One or two more congregations may appear: Congregation “C” Congregation “D.” “C” may be able to give enough to the salary. “D” may be able to help “A” cover the parsonage utilities. An additional congregation (or two) complicates a Pastor’s schedule, spreads him thinner. They’ll end up with ¼ pastor but if prayer & holy giving, prevails that beats no pastor at all. Make all a matter of prayer.

– eab, 4/3/18


…He shows much more of Himself to some people than to others – not because He has favorites but because it is impossible for Him to show Himself to a man whose whole mind & character are in the wrong direction. Just as sunlight though it has no favorites can’t be reflected in a dusty mirror as clearly as in a clean one.”

– C S Lewis


Sharing a Pastor #5. This idea will require patience from “A” “B” (“C” “D”). It will require a Pastor 1.) who’s OK to travel X miles a month, 2.) who’s willing to spread his love for God & His people into 2, 3 or 4 communities, 3.) who’s willing to work for God full-time, and a wife 4.) who can share her husband in more ways than normal. Not all men can do this. It’ll not be easy, but easier than Wesley’s itinerates.

– eab, 4/3/18

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