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Mat 5.46

“For if ye love them which love you,

What reward have ye?

Do not even the publicans the same?


Teachers (parent & non-parent) ask questions. Questions are great vehicles for learning. Millions of times on oral & written tests across the earth & across the centuries “W” words (or their equivalent) have passed from student to teacher back. Much knowledge is lodged in the word WHO. Other treasures are found with WHAT? The locations of historical events or geographic spots are locked with WHERE. And know WHEN in yrs (or sequence) can be very helpful. These “W” words make one think.

– eab, 4/4/18


“Salvation is the foundation of holiness of heart.”

– Steve Malone, sermon, 3/17/18


The greatest “W” word is WHY. Knowing “Who” said/did “x” can be rote memory. “What” took place is factual. “Where” a river or mountain is, is good. “When” a piece of history transpired is important. But none of these provoke thought like WHY. If your education can be primarily filed under the first 4 “W” words it’s missing a super-important element. If you’re home schooling, begin early to ask the WHY question. (Don’t be surprised when your child asks questions you can’t answer – learn to learn together!

– eab, 4/4/18




All it takes is one wrong turn,

To cause you to lose your way.

And, it takes but one black sin,

To darken an entire day,

That is, unless you turn back,

The moment you see you’re lost,

That is, unless you confess,

Realizing Christ paid the cost.

He came to save from all sin.

To guide you on the right road.

He came to brighten every life-day,

To lift (as He can) the heavy load.

– eab, 4/7/07


Mat 6.28

“…Why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies…”


Never be afraid to question things. (In certain environments you may have to ask it in your mind.) Do not shun the word WHY? You can even ask God WHY if you’re obeying Him & your attitude’s right. “Why” opens the crack the widest to see into the realm of knowledge. “Why” creates a platform upon which to stand as you survey reality & supposed reality, at the same time. Indoctrination & tradition doesn’t want your Why – it can’t stand the probe of truth, probe of light. Truth doth not fear light; does not fear Why?

– eab, 4/4/18


“…Christianity is an education itself. That is why an uneducated believer like Bunyan was able to write a book that has astonished the world.”

– C S Lewis, /Mere Christianity/


Jesus walked earth as Carpenter, Son of David, & other Titles but one of the finest was Teacher. Our Lord was THE MASTER TEACHER of all time. Period. As one would expect He asked questions – many of them. In the list that I made (work in progress) He asks “Why” at least 32 times. That’s well over twice His usage of other “W” words. He, as expected of a Master Teacher, wanted His hearers to think. Why?

– eab, 4/4/18

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