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Php 3.13

“…one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and

reaching forth unto those things which are before”


There’s surely nothing wrong with knowing some family history. However remember, tomorrow is where we’re all headed. The past is one day further away now than it was yesterday & the future is a day closer. I beg you, do not live in the past. The study of genealogy pales in comparison to the study of the future life of holiness. Make sure you’re ready for eternity’s imminence.

– eab, 4/11/18


“Discernment makes knowledge practical.”

– Paul Pierpoint, sermon, 6/9/2


Allow a septuagenarian to post a caution. We humans often act like pendulums. I’ve never seen a president so bad-mouthed, unless of course, this is a charade (not impossible). The danger is that as conservatives see the vitriol flowing, we’ll show more support for him, reacting as humans, not as christians. This seems to be happening. Reactions are too often not thought-out. Reactions can lead to words said which may come back later to haunt. Pray for the president but do not allow liberals to lead you to over react.

– eab, 4/11/18




This afternoon it rained,

And the drops that settled dust,

As far as I could tell, fell alike;

On the righteous and the unjust.

The clouds let it down,

On the wise man and the clown.

A just God.

– eab, Apr. 1968


1Jo 1.9

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful & just to forgive us our sins,

& to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


*One man’s view.* Let me draw (on the green board of your mind) a vertical line. This represents salvation – we can’t “hoist” ourselves from sinner to believer; God does this. Now “see” an inclined plane going right to a 2nd vertical line. The 2nd straight-up-line represents sanctification – another “hoist” we can’t do ourselves. (The above inclined plane is our progressive walk with Christ from initial salvation to full salvation.) Now “see” a 2nd inclined plane going right – this is our walk with the Lord after sanctification. The saint’s life has a 3rd vertical line (glorification, at physical death). There are 3 straight-up lines – the wonderful actions of God. There are 2 inclined planes – man’s daily walk enabled by God. All God on the verticals, & God helping man on the inclines! Praise the Lord

– eab, 4/11/18


“…Where the fear of God is not,

there can be no thirsting for grace or life.”

– Martin Luther, /Commentary on Galatians/


Years ago I told our sons, “Outside of being a Christian, the best thing that can be said about you is that you’re a good worker.” I believed that in the 80s & I believe it today. Many moderns work to get money to exchange for needs. But there’s a satisfaction to doing work even if money is not involved. Poor men can be happy as they labor. Some rich men, who need nothing money-wise, find happiness volunteering time & talents. God made us to enjoy work; Adam had a job in Eden. Learn to love labor. Learn to enjoy working.

– eab, 4/11/18

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