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Col 3.19

“Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.”


You what? You thought she was perfect the day of marriage?  (If she’d been 100% perfect she might not have married you J.) Sure, she has a fault, maybe three. And you, sir, what shortcomings does she see in you? Love her. Ignore her faults (yes, even that Big one). Compliment her strengths. Thank her every time you arise from the kitchen table. Pray for her. Heaven only knows the good that can come from your wife & you, both committed to God, AND to each other.

– eab, 4/13/18


“…No wrong temper – none contrary to love – remains in the soul…”

– J M Pike, /The Double Cure/


You once pastored; now you don’t. (Not posting to hurt; hopefully to help.) You’re still healthy & in your right mind. Were you mistaken then (about a “call”) or are you mistaken now? One pretty well has to be a mistake! There are churches needing pastors. I know it’s work – when done right. I know many churches give too little a stipend – been there. Yes, you may have to move – done that. But Friend, if you’re supposed to be pastoring & you aren’t, you’d better have a serious talk with the Father about obedience.

– eab, 4/13/18



I’s and T’s I

You may not dot all my “i’s” or cross all my “t’s,”

But who am I that you should worry to please?

One sooooo much greater has written a Holy Book

Please, at Its “i’s” & “t’s” Stop, Listen, and Look.

– eab, 4/13/15



Psa 101.3

“I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside;

it shall not cleave to me.”


Have you read Pilgrim’s Progress? (If you read a comic book version you should not count that, now that you’re an adult. J) P.P. (Pilgrim’s Progress) is the greatest Classic (not counting the Bible) in the world. It’s my understanding that if there was a 2nd book in English & American homes of earlier centuries it was P.P. It was penned by a Baptist pastor in Bedford (Eng.) jail, was read by commoners first & then rose up the ranks to a very honorable place in Literature.

– eab, 4/13/18


“…Truth is a hateful thing; he that, in these times,

speaks the truth, procures hatred.”

– Martin Luther, /Table Talk/


If my eyes & ears are not deceiving me, a lot more “holiness people” are turning to film entertainment than a generation ago. About 3 yrs ago I began to get a clearly picture of the “picture industry.” Please, if you’re going to watch a hollywood flick (or “christian” one for that matter) you, Dad, owe it to your innocent children to preview it. Set there with a pen/pad & really see the action, the background (subliminal messages), hear words, think what they are really saying about: God, creation, right/wrong, marriage, etc. Then if it is bad, be man enough to take it back.

– eab, 4/13/18

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