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Mat 6.10a & 13b

“Thy kingdom come…”

“…For thine is the kingdom…”


Kings are not (as some Americans are tempted to think) merely legitimatized military dictators. Though there’ve been some “bad eggs,” many kings loved their people & were loved by them. This loyalty to royalty has been overlooked by those painting them all in broad, bad strokes of power & greed. Christians are the wonderful recipients of the Heavenly King who loves His people & is loved by them as well. 4/12/18


“A mistake is a thing you did when you knew no better;

a sin is a thing you did when you did know better…

the motive determines the morality of the act.”

– C W Ruth, /Bible Readings/


Please Sir/Ma’am, I oppose suicide for the one who’s strongly tempted. (I write “strongly” on purpose, many have had, myself included, a fleeting temptation.) It’s too late, (much too late, if it happened yesterday) for the one who’s committed this, I hope to save the next one. Never allow yourself to seriously consider ending your life! What good will that do? You’ll still face God for all your sins. God doesn’t want you to kill yourself. God wants to give you a new, make that NEW Beginning!  Impossible!  No, with God nothing, hear it, nothing is impossible!

– eab, 4/21/18




Help us not to touch the glory

Of the great Gospel story

With our tarnishing hands.

May we ever yield You praises

For the various phases

Of missions across the lands.

There’s a great work to be done;

There’s a wide world to be won.

Our arms can’t be extended,

But Yours are never ended,

They reach to every mortal man.

– eab, April 1976


Mat 27.5

“And he [Judas] cast down the pieces of silver in the temple,

and departed, and went and hanged himself.”


Some soul may be thinking, “I’ll commit suicide & end it all.” “Ending it all” is a lie! Suicide begins damnation. “I’m going to go to hell anyway.” That has its roots in hell. Jesus Christ is your answer, Friend. “I’m not sure Jesus exists.” He does. 1000s of souls alive today know He does. He saved them – – – some from suicide. Start reading the NT (John is a good beginning). Read it not by the chapter – read it by the hour. As you read ask the Holy Spirit for help. There’s HOPE for you! Seek God as you never have before!

– eab, 4/21/18


“…The coming worldwide religion of the antichrist is rooted in & will establish itself as mysticism…the promotion of mysticism in the movie Dr. Strange.”

– T A McMahon


You’re a female, single, but not wanting to be. Mr. “X” is in your church/school/camp group. You know he left his wife – rumor has it she was “blah-blah” (you name it) & people feel sorry for him. Should you allow yourself have an interest? Think – you know “t-h-i-m-k.” He’s not with wife #1. What would keep him from leaving wife #2? The NT doesn’t allow for D&R, nor should you, but even if you’ve persuaded yourself D&R are “ok,” every story has 2-3 sides & you’re primarily hearing one. Hello?!?

– eab, 4/16/18

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