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Gen 1.14

“…God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night;

and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years”


Man & his God-given earth, do not belong to some mysterious, every-expanding “universe.” * The stars were made after & for the earth (Gen 1). They were given to us as a viewable-to-all “time piece” (Gen 1.14), the largest “clock” in the world. Contrary to modern “science” the stars will fall to the earth (Mat 24.29 & Rev 6.13) – the final star-earth or earth-star relationship. *This is the anti-God “big bang theory.

– eab, 5/3/18


“If you are willing to listen, God can get you to a clean heart & get you to heaven.”

– Ken Thompson, IHC sermon 4/17/18


People who say that they love God but who do not love holiness, either have an incorrect view of God or a tainted view of holiness.

– eab, 5/6/18



Commencement – a beginning of service I trust.

Or will you be, the one to see

Material gain as a must?

Gain in realm of fame of name,

Or pounds of finest gold dust.

Will you be the one, to hinder the Son,

And sit or lie as time goes by

And millions are born and millions die,

And souls are seen, as birds, to fly,

While the church thinks of Me, Mine, and My.

Commencement – a beginning of what?

A beginning of service – I trust!

– eab, May 1968


Rev 22.15

“For without are dogs & sorcerers & whoremongers & murderers &

idolaters & whosoever loveth & maketh a lie.”


Sinners tell lies – and that’s the truth! No christian tells lies – and that is the truth! “What about X or Y (some historical figure)?” If they said they lied & they say they’re a Christian, you’ll have to leave that between God & them. However, His Word says, “…All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone…” (Rev 21.8). – eab, 5/6/18



“Wheresoever ungodly songs are sung there will the devils be gathered together.”

– Chrysostom


Love truth. Teach your children to love truth. It will put you & them in the greatest “company” possible: the Creator & Triune God. Lies, by scary contrast, are told by all varieties of sinners & criminals – you don’t want to live or die in the company of liars.

– eab, 5/6/18

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