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2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”


If you’re a Biblical preacher (& live long enough) you’ll eventually preach holiness & hopefully become a “holiness preacher.” And, if/when you stop preaching holiness, you become a non-Biblical preacher.

– eab, 5/15/18


“Only use the world but enjoy God.”

– John Wesley


Man is mean to “man.” No animal (with which I’m acquainted) begins-to-be-as-mean to his same species as man is purposefully cruel to humans. The only reason for such brutality is sin – animals do not sin!

– eab, 5/29/18


Preach Christ

It’s not the preacher’s job

To laud “current event,”

Nor march or even die,

“Social ills” to prevent.

But he’s to state that Christ

To the cross gladly went,

Bringing salvation, which

“Religion” can’t invent.

– eab, 5/30/07


Mat 19.19

“Honor thy father and thy mother and, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” [emphasis added]


Be True. Be true to your parents (even if they were untrue to you). Be true to your life’s companion (even if he/she was untrue to you). Be true to God – He HAS been true to you. And – – – Be true to yourself – starting in this hour.

– eab, 5/30/18


“One can afford to be in a minority, but he cannot afford to be wrong.”

– Wm Jennings Bryan, /In His Image/


A high percentage of Hymns (words sung about the greatest “Him,” Jesus Christ) were penned as stand-alone-poems. Some were written years before being set to music & make perfect sense without a melody. By strong contrast, many of the contemporary “songs” being repeated (& repeated L) in modern churches do not rhyme. Some were “written” by musicians & are of no literary value. If the music at your place of worship will not bless, & perhaps convict, if read without instruments & swaying, you should let the pastor/board know you’re unhappy.

– eab, 5/30/18

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