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Pro 5.18 +

Pro 5.18

“…rejoice with the wife of thy youth.” [[ Bryans were married at 18 ]]


‘Tis Anniversary Week * #6 (last in series). When a happily married man & wife finish 15 yrs they’re glad & want more time together. When they mark 20, they may say, “Let’s do another 20.” J At the big silver anniversary they look ahead to making it 50 yrs. Even at 30 yrs they may dream of another 30 (as God wills). We are at 57. Reality says there will not be another 57. Life has slowed down. Retirement is being enjoyed. Now it’s time to relish each year – make that month? Week? No. Find pleasure in each day & count your blessings, yes, the little ones. I wish my wife a Happy, Happy, Happy 57th. – eab, June 18


“Carnal nature is the perversion of the human nature.”

– Phillip Dickinson, sermon, 10/12/03


* TRINITY * (12.)

Heb 9.14 How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge…



we’ve been “we”

It seems incredible – can it be?

We’re married 50 years, you and me?

Let’s check the calendar and see.

Math seems right, down to the “T.”

Once single she, once only he,

Now a long time, we’ve been “we.”

– eab, 6/30/11 >> note date <<


Luk 16.23a & 24b

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…

“…send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.”


“I hope So-n-So burns in hell!” No sinner should say that; no saint does. It is a very wicked wish & a very ignorant statement. Anyone wanting someone else to go to hell has a super evil heart themselves. And it shows an extremely shallow understanding of the torments. “Flames” “No water” “Memory” “No escape.” I would not wish the last dog that bit me (in Phoenix), to go to hell, let-alone-a-human. – eab, 6/28/18


“…Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing

that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.”

– C S Lewis, /Mere Christianity/


Why adult fascination with “Make Believe”? Don’t be offended – my question is serious. This post isn’t intended to hurt (I hope it awakens). Adults waste millions of dollars & misuse millions of hours watching movies they *know* aren’t real. Why? They travel miles & pay big bucks to see: false walls, plastic trees, styrofoam castles, fabrications, & things hollow (structure & meaning). Why? There’s a place (I “hear”) called “Magic Kingdom.” Why are adults intrigued by unreal – God has untold realities for us?

– eab, 6/24/18

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Psa 91.2 +

Psa 91.2

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress:

my God; in him will I trust.”


‘Tis Anniversary Week * #5. God directed us differently than He did those who stayed 3-5 decades. We’re happy with His guidance. We were 11 yrs near the Great Smoky National Park (can’t tell the # of times been around Cades Cove). We were over 3 ½ yrs, 50 miles from N’Leans (got to cross flat Lake Pontchartrain, be on it shrimping, & visit the French Qrt). Spent 4 yrs pastoring real cowboys in SD (visited the Faces many times & help in branding). Were about 2 yrs in AZ (multiple visits to Grand Canyon). Had privilege of pastoring in Canada & seeing “the States” through this neighbor’s eyes. God Lead Every Step.

– eab, June 18


“All that Calvary provived for us, judgment will require from us.”

– Millard Downing, 6/18/99


What is a tattoo? A mark. What kind of mark? A mark of attachment. Attachment to whom? Ah, that may be the rub. Look at the lives of those who are the most “inked.” Do you want to spend eternity with those whose lives/words/deaths are (somewhat) reflected in the words & symbols inked on them?


– eab, 6/28/18



MRS. LOT    

Can there be any doubt, Mrs. Lot could pout,

To always have her way?

The angels pulled her bodily out,

But the affections inside would not be denied;

The real Mrs. Lot wanted to stay.

– eab, June  1981


Mat 7.21

“Not every one that saith unto me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;

but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”


You lost a close friend or perhaps a mate. They had sang in church, taught Sunday Sch., preached, were possibly a denominational leader. A minister consoling you “assumed” them in heaven, the preacher at the funeral “assumed” them in heaven & you’ve “assumed . . . Don’t. Did their life match God’s Guideline for Living? (I’ve prayed for 2 who lost mates NOT to assume the other made it.) Please do not stop short of doing what you /know/ God wants from YOU, regardless of how “So-n-So” lived. Death is serious.

– eab, 6/28/18


“…We seldom find Christian miracles denied except

by those who have abandoned some part of the Christian doctrine.”

– C S Lewis, /Miracles/


Heaven is no man’s “right.” Heaven is 100% under God’s control & is His throne. (“Heaven is my throne…” Act 7.49). Our only hope of going to heaven is to receive & respond to His Royal Invitation. Have you seen yourself as a sinner yet, & confessed to God in Jesus name? Have you let God know that accepting His Invitation is the absolute number 1 (#1) item on your life-list? Get serious with God.

– eab, 6/28/18

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Gen 2.24 +

Gen 2.24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother

 and shall cleave unto his wife…”


‘Tis Anniversary Week * #4. Do marriages have differences? Our parents: one family was buying a home – one lived in a mobile home, one attended a Pilgrim Holiness church – one a Wesleyan Methodist, one dad drove a Buick – one a VW (neither mom drove), one was used to country living – one to town life, one family was military – one not, one dad graduated high school – one did a GED, one was southern – one northern, one dad no longer hunted – one dad coon hunted, one couple sang in church – family only the dad did, one tended to vote Republican – one voted Democrat, one dad was very mechanical – one was not, one family enjoyed travel – one did not. A dozen differences – we made it 57 yr J. – eab, June 18


“The most worldly people are the ones who complain the most;

the world does not satisfy.”

– Phillip Dickinson, sermon, 11/2/03


* TRINITY * (10.)

1Th 1.3 Jesus Christ, in the sight of God…v5…Holy Ghost…



greatest miracle

The Lord turned water into wine

He caused 5000 men to dine

Healed blind eyes and deaf ears

Relieved other physical fears

Caused the ship to be at shore

Christ did miracles galore!

The greatest miracle to ever be?

Redeeming the likes of you and me.

– eab, 6/27/11


Act 4.26

“The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together

against the Lord, and against his Christ.”


My memory goes back to the Stevenson/Eisenhower race. I’ve never read such as I have the last months. Do I speak of anti-president words? Yes. But I also speak of pro-president words – particularly from holiness men. Your praise, brothers, doesn’t make him one whit better. It may come back to “bite” you. Please don’t split a church, family, or other insisting in a perceived strength of “x.” He’ll sink or swim as God ordains. Pray for him (I do) but no man can save this nation. The Man-God, Christ, is our only hope!

– eab, 5/25/18


“…Christianity is an education itself. That is why an uneducated believer

like Bunyan was able to write a book that has astonished the world.”

– C S Lewis, /Mere Christianity/


The distractions (to right – to left, to Extreme right – to Extreme left) are too numerous for this little post. How the enemy of our souls must “enjoy” (I’m not sure he’s every happy, per se) seeing supposed “christians” trying to satisfy “eternal cravings” with his temporary tinselry. Earth was not intended as your final destination. It is (at best) a short “layover.” (Some of us lay-over longer than others but we’re all soon gone.) Stop getting enamored with imitations. Stop “buying-into” amusements. Earth fades – Heaven endures. Ask God for a vision of heaven.

– eab, 6/25/18

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Pro 5.18 +

Pro 5.18

“Let thy fountain be blessed: and

rejoice with the wife of thy youth.”


‘Tis Anniversary Week # 3. I never went to college a day I wasn’t married (don’t say, “It can’t be done”). By the time I turned my tassel (BA, major in Literature) I was dad, twice. Before I arrived at my first teaching locale, Bro Herron told me not to tell how young we were when we married – I don’t recall that I did (back then). Martha & I had matching (Sears, 3-speed) “English” bikes & while she rode Lincoln (the blond) behind her, I rode Andrew (brown hair) behind me. Hobe was fun to our adventuresome hearts: FL was new to us. Teaching new. Our friend list expanded. Life was great. June 18


“Love expresses itself in forgiveness.”

– Doug Cox, sermon, 5/11/05


Have Japanese beetles? Cut off milk-jug top, except handle (bigger the opening, the better). Fill 1/3 with water & mix in small amount of dish soap. Hold below bug (they tend to drop to ground or drop to open wings to fly) with one hand, & gently shake leaf or brush bug into jug with other hand. I tried this last PM; caught scores (didn’t count) & not one flew out of jug, all drowned. Higher ones are harder to reach but their habit of dropping works to your favor.

– eab, 6/26/18


Limited Gold

The man too concerned with profit, will never a prophet be.

The man who’s a true prophet, likely will no profit see.

He sees such value in the truths of the God of heaven

He can’t get excited about limited gold and earthly “leaven.”

– eab, June 2013


Gen 1.26

“And God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’”


The “author” of evolution was not Darwin. But the author’s name does begin with a “D.” It is the devil. The object was not for man to better understand man, but to distance man from his Creator. Evolution is a lie so it shouldn’t surprise us that it’s traceable directly to satan. BTW, because it is being taught as a fact, doesn’t in the least diminish from its being an anti-Bible lie.

– eab, 6/25/18


“…Evil is a parasite not an original thing…”

– C S Lewis, /Mere Chrisitianity/


Black lives matter. Blue lives matter. The 1%. The 99%. Republicans. Democrats. Pro-war. Anti-war. Your team. Your neighbor’s team. Law enforcement in battle gear. Law enforcement shouldn’t have battle gear. Pro-Israel. Anti-Israel. Organic. GMO. (You may add to these dichotomies.) I’ve been noticing memes/posts trying to get us to fight this/defend that. These (the best of ‘em) divert hearts from the eternally significant division: Christ’s Ascending Kingdom or satan’s failing kingdom. Guard. Your. Heart.

– eab, 6/25/18

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Psa 127.3 +

Psa 127.3

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and

the fruit of the womb is his reward.”


‘Tis Anniversary Week* #2. Married “at the ripe-old-age” of 18, ‘twas fine that we didn’t have a son till ‘64. A 2nd son joined us just before ‘66 ended. A daughter came in ‘70 & she was joined by a final girl in ‘73. God allowed each son to find a wife & each daughter to be found by a husband. Then the Lord allowed each couple to reproduce. Martha & I are blessed with 8 grandsons (5 Bryans to carry on name, God willing) & 10 granddaughters. 3 of the “grands” are married bringing our total to 21, plus 2 “great-grands.”

– eab, June 18


“Spirit-filled hearts are always tender and

they see men through the tears of holy compassion.”

– Samuel               Chadwick, /Way to Pentecost/


* TRINITY * (9.)

Eph 2.18 For through Him [Christ] we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.




God did not implant within the plant, what we call “free will.”

He gave more choice to animals but no free will still.

Nor does the Sea, or Stone, or Storm

Have a will about its form.

Only in lowly man (young, middle or aged) was it norm.

Therefore He controls all above

Except His crowning creation man.

Help us Lord submit our will,

Now, and always to your plan.

– eab, 6/25/13


Mat 7.13

“…Broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and

many there be which go in thereat:”


Those on the broad road fail to realize h-o-w broad it is. It has “good” people & “good ole boys.” It was souls who’ve kill no one & snipers who’ve cold-bloodedly destroyed hundreds. It was atheists & those who’ve religiously argued against them; drinkers & tee-totallers, ladies & “ladies of the night.” What do they have in common? They’ve chosen to reject (at least delay coming to) God’s Son for Salvation.

– eab, 6/25/18


“Christ says, ‘Give me All…I want You.

I have no come to torment your natural self, but to kill it…’”

– C S Lewis, /Beyond Personality/


There’s a broad spectrum of people who blame others. “It was my preacher’s fault.” “I had a poor teacher.” “My boss never showed me how.” “It’s my wife, my husband, my kids, my parents…” The very worst of these are those who blame . . . ready for this? They blame God – “God wills that some be saved, some lost.” No. No one will be able to say “in that day” it was God’s fault. “…Whosoever believeth in him should not perish…”

– eab, 6/25/18


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Mat 1.25 +

Mat 1.25

“And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.”


‘Tis Anniversary Week**1. Before Martha met me she’d asked a former pastor to perform her wedding. I met him, it was alright, I’ve be happy that Levi W Whisner did our ceremony. The other minister was my former pastor, J D Webb Sr. All of Martha’s attendants are living but 2 of the 3 who stood with me, Jerry Lawson & Jerry Kosier, have died. We were married in the former Nazarene church (later “Jefferson Ave Tabernacle”) in Maryville, TN, 6/30/61. We’ve been married longer than either set of parents.

– eab, 6/24/18


“Do not have as your motive the desire to be known as a praying man…Have no other motive than to know your Father in Heaven.”

– Oswald Chambers, /MyUtmostForHisHighest/


Why has God not told us more about Heaven? Ever asked yourself that? Perhaps it’s because we couldn’t grasp 1% of the truth. We’ve seen a little gold so can visualize it but “as” pavement? No. We may (or may not) have seen a pearl but one big enough to form a gate? (Gates can be huge, not a 3.0 door). If we want to know more about heaven – Let us determine to mind God & someday (soon?) witness for ourselves a splendor beyond present comprehension. Amen?

– eab, 6/24/



God, gratefully, is not limited to your church or mine

He doesn’t have need of your dollar, my dime

He works how & when He’s pleased.

Among the rich, those seen as poor

Where He finds willingness, an open door

There sin in removed; There burdens are eased.

– eab, 6/21/18


Joh 1.9

“That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”


Ever wondered why God loves you? There are billions a lot like you – why does He love you??? 1.) God is love (1Jo 4.8). 2.) How can I (mere mortal) guess? 3.) But forgive me, I will – He loves individuality. (He could’ve made us all alike &, I suppose, could’ve loved us in “samish-ness” but He didn’t.) So, IMO, God loves you, & YoU, yOu, & you over there (to infinity) related to us being different. BTW only God can make billions of humans similar enough to be humans, but different in so many ways. Amazing!

– eab, 6/24/18


Although Sir Walter Scott…was surrounded by a library of 40000 books on his death-bed he said…“Bring me the Book.” When asked what book…he replied, “There is only ONE Book…”

– Gilchrist Lawson, /Thoughts About the Bible/


If Jesus has saved you run the opposite direction from “magic.” The words “magic” “magical” don’t occur in Holy Writ; “magicians” (Gen 41, Exo 7-8, Dan 1-2, 4-5) & magician (Dan 2) do – they are ALL aligned with satan. Don’t be curious about how tricks are done or work. To go were the false is paramount can hurt your Christian influence. God is real! The devil is false. Stay away from fabrications, slight-o-hand, card tricks, make believe, anything/anyone pretending to be what they aren’t. We’re not here to be entertained!

– eab, 6/24/18

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Jos 10.12 +

Jos 10.12

“…Joshua…said in the sight of Israel, ‘Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon;

and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.’”


* TRINITY * (8.)

Gal 4.6 And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.


“We love to give to those we love.”

– Beverly Carridine, /Church Entertainments/


Death, like an enemy sniper, keeps “picking off’ those around us. Sometimes it’s a high school friend, dead way-too-soon. Sometimes it’s a neighbor. And always death is picking off our ancestors – the great grandparents, the grandparents, the parents – – – then, puff it is you. Are You Ready? – eab, 6/13/18




To enter heaven you don’t have to please me

That could be too easy – or too hard.

Nor do you have to please dear ole dad

(Maybe a much better “punch card.”)

But you & I, as creatures of earth’s dust,

Have One we must please, yes, /must/.

I can’t see what makes you “click”

Don’t know why you took that action

God – now – He knows you “like a book”

Understands, perfectly every re-action.

I wouldn’t want to see a pumping heart

(That could really “gross me out.”)

Nor wish to see your spiritual part

(Who enjoys seeing pride or a pout?)

God sees all, has since we’ve been on earth

He, Praise His Name, offers us new birth

A new you – ah, wouldn’t that be great?

Be “born again” today; before its too late.

– eab, 6/23/18


1Jo 3.14

“We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.

He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.”


In a desire to not hurt (there’s a place for such, in balance) we’ve tended to “assume” a friend’s family member went to heaven. It seems cold, if not mean, to assume they went to hell. But, is it not calloused & far too casual with God’s Word, to assume they went up? Reminder. We don’t have access to “the ledger” in either place. We need to live so peers hunger to know God, & to assume less about souls once gone.

– eab, 6/23/18


“Among early Christians…a man could not be an astrologer,

 magician, innkeeper, or an idol-maker.”

– J. Vernon Jacobs


God has spoken to this earth: by Prophets, by His Son, by apostles & by the Bible. Do you care to read what His Book says? God might speak to you through a modern sermon. Do you stay away from Holy Houses? God may speak to you through the death of a friend/relative. Do you avoid all the funerals that you can? Someday you’ll be very GLAD you listened to Him or, Or, super SAD that you did not listen!

– eab, 6/23/18

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Psa 139.14 +

Psa 139.14

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”


One of the greatest qualities with which man is blessed by his Creator is the sense of right & wrong. How many times we’ve sensed: “That doesn’t look right.” “Something doesn’t sound right.” “It doesn’t taste right.” “It doesn’t smell good.” “I don’t have a good feeling about it.” God gives these built-in-guides to saints & sinners as a part of basic humanity. Harken to them. – eab, 6/21/18


“The New Testament has no meaning if Jesus is anything less than a Savior.”

– Samuel Chadwick


What’s your view of sin? Is it the view of Dad? (More than you think?) Is it the view of your Heavenly Father? A Christian’s view should match (as we’re capable) God’s view. Don’t tolerate sin in your life. Don’t tolerate sin in church leadership. If after prayer (& perhaps fasting) you still see sin accepted in church leadership it may be time to change houses of worship (not said lightly but sincerely). God won’t bless your life or church if sin is tolerated. (False “blessings” & worked-up-emotions are not from God.)

– eab, 6/22/18



God is God & has been

Since the world got its start.

He will be God after heaven

And all earth depart.

God is God in the fleeting moment,

We whimsically call “now,”

From the sea’s lonely shore

To the mountain’s mighty brow.

Let such limitlessness, agelessness

Give you an exceeding calm.

Rest, Child, in the hollow of

His lovingly immense palm.

– eab, 6/22/17


Joh 14.30

“Hereafter I will not talk much with you:

for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”


Eternity is a big “E” – earth is a small “e.” earth (all we’ve known so far) is but a stepping-stone to the big “E.” The devil “…prince of this world” (Joh 16.11), wants us so fascinated by earth (satan doesn’t mind if you like “good” things as long as they keep you from the Best) that we spend a life-time chasing bubbles & ignore the big “E.” Don’t.

– eab, 6/22/18


“…The more we conform to his will, the more we act according to his wisdom

and imitate his goodness, by so much the more do we enjoy God…”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


The body is “king” in the fields of sports, as it walks/runs/jumps/twists/pushes its “animal” power.

The mind is “king” in the fields of academia as it spouts facts/figures/philosophies in brain power.

Both are usurpers, knaves acting as kings. They are pretenders to the throne of a man. The Soul is the better “king.” If properly instructed & gracefully lead the Soul deserves to be “king” – under the Heavenly King.

– eab, 6/22/18

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1Pe 1.16 +

1Pe 1.16

“…Be ye holy; for I am holy.”


* TRINITY * (7.)

2Co 13.14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ & the love of God & the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all…


“God wants the church to be a perfect contrast to the world.”

– Beverly Carridine, /Church Entertainments/


What “expression” is likely to come out of *your* mouth 1.) when verifying a truth? 2.) when surprised? 3.) when aggravated? Is it biblical? “What do you mean, is it biblical?” Jesus said, “…Let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay;” He continued, “…whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil” (Mat 5.37). Just saw a definition, “heck…[euphemistic alter. of hell]” – Random House College Dictionary.

– eab, 6/21/18



Pout Out

God can take out,

The carnal pout,

(The rest of us

Wish He would).

And in its place,

Put His great grace,

So you see things

As you should.

– eab, 6/20/09


Rev 21.16

“And the city lieth foursquare & the length is as large as the breadth & he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length & the breadth & the height of it are equal.”


Remember the teeter-tooter? You sat face to face (seeing each other’s delight as you went up & down. You conversed. You laughed. Decided to see if you could balance. Or your companion was bigger/smaller one of you scooted toward the middle so it would “work.” In prayer this AM (excuse the comparison if you deem it out-of-place) I thought of teeter-tootering with God. Spiritually seeing Him face to face, Conversing. Enjoying His company. Then I realized He, in His Majesty & Might would have to move all the way to the pivot point. Nay, He’d have to come over on my side (helping me push down) or we couldn’t do this. Yet He’s willing to come to our aid. (He helps us pray!) How wonderful to be with God.

– eab, 6/21/18


“It’s an insult to the intelligence of young people to give them the impression you have to cheapen the Gospel to make it understandable. The medical schools do not simplify their phraseology to please this set. The legal profession hasn’t changed its terminology.”

– Vance Havner, /OnThisRock/


The plumb bulb is a builder’s friend. The level is an equally good friend. The master carpenter, brick mason, etc. is not angry with his “friends” when they tell him the truth. O dear colleague, be not angry with the plumb bulb & level of God’s Holy Book. The New Jerusalem will be a perfect “Cube” (Rev 21.16) – God is wanting to “square you up” to fit you there.

– eab, 6/21/18

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1Jo 2.15 +

1Jo 2.15

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”


Some sinners revel in physical, mental, financial or political powers. These are passing, therefore are illusionary. The most powerful sinner (pic your area) is weaker than the saint who lives daily without sinning. He lives above sin “in word, thought, or deed.” You, friend, may have none of the powers mentioned (above) but in Christ you can live victoriously sinning not! That. Is. Powerful.

– eab, 6/20/18


“Unless I can take it with me, I don’t want a thing.”

– Ruth E Bryan – said about food at Fire Mt. Restaurant (OKC, OK) but true for everything earthly, 6/25/04


The Bible is an open Book to those who read It with an open heart. There are truths for Babes in Christ. There are truths for the more mature. There are truths for those of us who’ve read it nearly every day, every year, every decade, since the 50’s. It is an in-exhaustible mine. Are you reading? Are you digging?

– eab, 6/20/18



You want to be known? Oh. By whom?

Mere men also headed to a tomb?

Men whose lives will be so brief

Who soon in death will find relief

Or, at death drop to the place below

Where all reap (but none now sow).

You seek the applause of fleeting men

Guys addicted to, yea, smeared with sin

Men whose moments of hollow fame

Were their disgrace, their low, ugly shame

Stop. Stop seeking admiration from peers

(With similar weakness, similar fears)

Seek the smile, yea, the high, grand “nod”

Of the Creator, Almighty Lord, God.

Seek Him to know, & by Him, to be known.

His Spirit & His Son have always shown

He loves today. When tomorrow is past

His “nod,” His approval will always last.

– eab, 6/20/18


Heb 9.27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”


One of the dangers of our sports minded, entertainment crazed society is children see the same players who lost last yr, win this season. Children see the actor who “died” in the last movie, now playing a role this fall. They “see” there’s a 2nd 3rd 4th (& more) chance to win or to play again. This is not true of LIFE. Life is not cyclical. Life is linear. We have one life only to mind God. *ONE.* ONE. One.  on…  o…

– eab, 6/20/18


“…No Christian is to enter any further into business nor for any other ends than such as he can in singleness of heart offer to God…Take this away from tradesmen and shops are but so many houses of greediness & filthy lucre…– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


“Take this away from our diversions and you will find no sports too silly nor any entertainments too vain & corrupt to be the pleasure of Christians.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


Education is good. Education is bad. If education is learning to read the Bible, it’s wonderful – you can discern the right way. If education is learning to read manuscripts & under wrong influence, learning to doubt God, it’s damning! God can use education. The devil can use education. As a man who’s spent decades in education & decades in observation of some sad results, I urge you to know God’s will for you. Learn. Learn to read the Bible literally. Learn to obey It. Learning & education are NOT the same.

– eab, 6/19/18

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