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1Co 10.11

“Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.”


The Bible is the greatest Commentary on Living & on Life. Scores upon scores of people are named in Holy Writ. Thousands upon thousands march through It’s pages unnamed. These individuals once ate, sleep, reproduced, worked as we do & numerous ones left behind a few words (or many) about Life & Living. What a valuable source for moderns to tap.

– eab, 6/6/18


“The things we say in prayer are powerless and meaningless

unless we have Christ’s authority to say them.”

– T M Anderson, /Prayer Availeth Much/


There are expressions in the English language which can be more fully understood & better appreciated, if read in their original source – the Bible. The Holy Scriptures are much more than literary gems but they are that! One of the reasons for maintaining (& defending) the Classic KJV is It is a “treasure chest” of unique & quaint words & terms all worth knowing – worth knowing & more valuable because of the timeless connections in this literary Collection.

– eab, 6/6/18



To hear God above the babel of commonality,

To refuse to accept what the world calls “reality,”

To worship God from first days, to life’s finality.

– eab, 6/6/07


Escape Death?

Given enough fleeting years,

We all pass this vale of salty tears.

Escape death? Chances are zero to none.

Being prepared to leave this earth,

Is then the subject of greatest worth,

God provides His royal way, His Son.

– eab, 6/6/10



1Jo 1.5b

“…God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”


Like Light? Please seek Christ & believe on Him so you can enjoy the splendor & light of heaven. Please understand that Eternity has 2 choices & only 2: Light or Night. (Purge “purgatory” from your mind & vocabulary; it’s as false as a 3-dollar-bill.) Heaven’s Light will never go out. Hell’s Night will never see a dawn. If hell had no flames (it does), if hell had water (it does not), if hell had no gnashing of the teeth, fumes of sulfur, no memory but was one continuous night (which it has!) I’d hate to go. I Like Light!

– eab, 6/6/18


“When the teachings of men conflict with the Word of God,

it would be wise to go with God.”

– Henry Morris, PhD


“Frankly, preacher, I want to go to heaven but I want to go with all the worldliness I can.” What?!? God gave His only Begotten Son & you act like that. Christ was rejected, spit upon, beaten, died an embarrassing & excruciating death on the cross & you will not give up the world for Him? (No man has told me the above, but it might help if he did say it – it could show him how carnal he is.)

– eab, 6/6/18

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