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Gal 1.13 +

Gal 1.13

“For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews’ religion,

how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it”


I see some on S.M. (social media) who like & believe “modern Israel” has God’s blessings. I see others critical of “Israel” & some policies. Please, Christian, read the Bible yourself. Read (online, at the library) news from other sources. Don’t allow any man (pastor, TV program, radio guy) to do your thinking. Don’t blindly support, nor blindly oppose “modern Israel.” This is serious & deserves Bible reading & prayer.

– eab, 6/10/18


“You are in danger…if you depart ever so little from Scripture…

from the plain literal mean­ing of any text, taken in connection with the context.”

– John Wesley


Everyone of man’s portraits are dated as soon as it’s shot. (They could be called “attempts to freeze time” but cannot.) God can give us a living, up-to-date pic of our spiritual condition. It’s not a selfie but will reveal a “self” God can & needs to crucify if you hope to go to heaven. His soul picture is 100% accurate, blemishes & ALL.

– eab, 6/11/18



Better to depart for heaven’s mansion

From a humble bungalow

Than to depart from an earthly mansion

And go below, way down below.

– eab, 6/12/13


1Ti 6.20

“…Avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called”


Have any idea how long “sci-fi” has been around? Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), wrote the first sci-fi, /Somnium/ (an Icelandic boy learning about the moon from a demon). Two modern “scientists,” Isaac Asimov & Carl Sagan, agreed that Kepler’s story was the first of this genre. (A sci-fi by an alleged scientist (Kepler) should raise an eyebrow, a 2nd eyebrow might go up when you realize this sci-fi is confirmed by two guys who also wanted to be seen as scientists. Is there a connection between “science” & sci-fi?)

– eab, 6/12/18


“…I am condemned to die & after that to come to judgment &

I find that I am not willing to do the first, nor able to do the second.”

– John Bunyan, /Pilgrim’s Progress/


Not a person in Heaven or hell cares a whiff about your team – not their colors, not their mascot, not their score, not their ranking. Those in heaven are delighted to be able to see God face-to-face & enjoy Him & His splendors. Those in hell wish they’d never went to, wasted money on, spend hours worshipping the god of sports.

– eab, 6/12/18

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