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Mar 13.31 +

Mar 13.31

“Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”


  1. Best
  2. Instruction.
  3. Best
  4. Literature
  5. Ever (& Everlasting). – eab, 6/14/18


“Job’s spiritual maturity was shown by his ability to handle his good days.”

– Albert Barr, sermon, 4/28/1991


Magic is the deceiver’s attempt to match Miracles. Have nothing & I mean NOTHING, to do with magic. Miracles are done by & for God’s glory. Magic is done by & for satan’s “glory.” Miracles involve God & His servants. Magic involves satan & his servants. – eab, 6/14/18



Be concerned, even radiant,

About cause “A” or “B” or “Q”

If the cause is of real worth,

If the cause is true.

But never let a minor cause

Partially or fully heist,

The greatest Cause of all

The “Cause” of Jesus Christ.

– eab, 6/14/13


Mat 4.10

“…Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”


Worship of God is about connecting to Him, the Ultimate, Eternal Reality.

Entertainment is about dis-connecting from reality. It’s like “going on strike” against the real world (work, pain, bills, problems), escaping into “make-believe” for the length of a ball game, hours of a movie, the laps of a race.

– eab, 6/14/18


Sci-fi movies go a step beyond “ordinary” movies. It’s not only an escape – its “fib” is try to escape: 1.) into a space, as imagined by men, 2.) into a “time warp,” as imagined by men, AND 3.) away from the laws of God & the consequences generated by God’s laws.

– eab, 6/14/18


“There is only one thing greater than happiness in the world

and that is holiness…” – Henry Drummond

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