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Gen 2.24 +

Gen 2.24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother

 and shall cleave unto his wife…”


‘Tis Anniversary Week * #4. Do marriages have differences? Our parents: one family was buying a home – one lived in a mobile home, one attended a Pilgrim Holiness church – one a Wesleyan Methodist, one dad drove a Buick – one a VW (neither mom drove), one was used to country living – one to town life, one family was military – one not, one dad graduated high school – one did a GED, one was southern – one northern, one dad no longer hunted – one dad coon hunted, one couple sang in church – family only the dad did, one tended to vote Republican – one voted Democrat, one dad was very mechanical – one was not, one family enjoyed travel – one did not. A dozen differences – we made it 57 yr J. – eab, June 18


“The most worldly people are the ones who complain the most;

the world does not satisfy.”

– Phillip Dickinson, sermon, 11/2/03


* TRINITY * (10.)

1Th 1.3 Jesus Christ, in the sight of God…v5…Holy Ghost…



greatest miracle

The Lord turned water into wine

He caused 5000 men to dine

Healed blind eyes and deaf ears

Relieved other physical fears

Caused the ship to be at shore

Christ did miracles galore!

The greatest miracle to ever be?

Redeeming the likes of you and me.

– eab, 6/27/11


Act 4.26

“The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together

against the Lord, and against his Christ.”


My memory goes back to the Stevenson/Eisenhower race. I’ve never read such as I have the last months. Do I speak of anti-president words? Yes. But I also speak of pro-president words – particularly from holiness men. Your praise, brothers, doesn’t make him one whit better. It may come back to “bite” you. Please don’t split a church, family, or other insisting in a perceived strength of “x.” He’ll sink or swim as God ordains. Pray for him (I do) but no man can save this nation. The Man-God, Christ, is our only hope!

– eab, 5/25/18


“…Christianity is an education itself. That is why an uneducated believer

like Bunyan was able to write a book that has astonished the world.”

– C S Lewis, /Mere Christianity/


The distractions (to right – to left, to Extreme right – to Extreme left) are too numerous for this little post. How the enemy of our souls must “enjoy” (I’m not sure he’s every happy, per se) seeing supposed “christians” trying to satisfy “eternal cravings” with his temporary tinselry. Earth was not intended as your final destination. It is (at best) a short “layover.” (Some of us lay-over longer than others but we’re all soon gone.) Stop getting enamored with imitations. Stop “buying-into” amusements. Earth fades – Heaven endures. Ask God for a vision of heaven.

– eab, 6/25/18

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