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Gen 2.24 +

Gen 2.24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and

shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”


“…The experience of heart purity is obtained while obediently walking with God &

retained only while obediently keeping His commandments.”

– Wm Jones, MD, /The Double Cure/


The happiest homes are the holiest homes: where each loves the other & both love the Lord. Do not, young man, marry until you know you’re all God’s & have assurance that the one you’re pursuing is all His. Do not, young lady agree to marriage unless you know you’re a Believer & that the one who is interested in marrying you is a Believer. Whether you’re committed to “courtship” or “dating” make sure you see the other in enough circumstances till you know they’re real & not faking “christianity until after the wedding.

– eab, 10/1/18


“Fanaticism is never charitable.”

– Abel Stevens, /History of Methodism/



At times–who can but honestly admit the stage?

The family altar would be calm and dry.

No quiver filled the voice, no moisture trimmed the eye.

Yon Ancient History stayed just that–flat as the page.

Distant battles were read, but did not seem to rage.

Light, the soul of poetry, was not freshly lit.

Finally–devotions closed, they closed with a sigh.


Ah, but those other nights–precious, dear other nights,

In moments for which no dad or moma prepares;

A son leading out in prayer, thanks God for his stairs.

Verses once seen but darkly, take on brighter lights,

God illuminates truth which once held no delights.

His Word will not return to Him void

He, Himself so solemnly declares.

– eab, Sep. 1997


Liberty – the right to do what you should.”

– David Gibbs, attorney


Eph 5.27

“That he might present it to himself a glorious church,

not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.”


You attend a holiness church. When is the last time you’ve heard a board member/deacon testify to being wonderfully touched by the Spirit? When’s the last time God broke up your “Sunday school” class & the glory settled in? When is the last time a 6-9 day meeting saw seekers pray through to clear full-salvation? Not trying to be unkind but we need the Lord to help our “holiness” churches to be lead by the Holy Ghost. Does that sound good to you? Good enough to pray? Good enough to hunger after God again?

– eab, 10/1/18


“Nature has some perfections to show that she is the image of God and

some defects to show that she is only His image.”

– Blaise Pascal, /Pensees/


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