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Gen 6.17 +

Gen 6.17

“…I do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life from under heaven…”


“A holy man is a holy horror in the hands of God.”

– V O Agan, /‘55 Conf. Serm./


Psa 104.24 O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou MADE them all:

the Earth is full of thy riches.        God made Heaven, Earth, World # 12


“…Jesus taught that the chief purpose of coming as not to make bad men good

but to solve the sin question-to make dead men live.”

– V O Agan, /‘55 Conf. Serm./



He came to Bethlehem –

That’s History.

He can come to YOUR heart –

That’s Victory!

– eab, 12/2/09



We collect & collect & collect

Oft to our soul’s neglect.

Don’t try to own all you see.

Be ready this failing earth to flee.

Think now. Now stop & reflect.

– eab, 12/2/18


“Already the high priests, prayers & temples of the universal cult are with us. Curriculums are being drafted to indoctrinate our children in ‘The Church of all People,’ the first step.

– Dave Hunt (Hunt has already been gone 5 yrs!)


Joh 14.15

“If ye love me, keep my commandments.”


Gladly, there are “atheists,” “agnostics,” & other odd “fellows” who, though claiming to not believe in the Ever-Present God, deep inside have nagging doubts.

Sadly, there are “christians,” church-goers, & “semi-christians” who, though claiming to believe in God, even in the Triune God, are really non-believers – – – their life doesn’t match their mouth.

– eab, 12/2/18


“Paganism survived…in the form of ancient rites & customs condoned…by an often indulgent Church…statues of Isis & Horus were renamed Mary & Jesus.”

– Will Durant


Don’t feast on the world’s carrion, be addicted to its songs, play the world’s games, live by its low-life standards, enjoy the world’s accolades, seek its trinkets & expect to go to God’s heaven when you die. You showed little interest in His values & won’t be rewarded (nor would you be “at home”) in its atmosphere.

– eab, 12/2/18

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