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Php 4.11 +

Php 4.11

“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned,

in whatsoever state I am, [therewith] to be content.”


“The affluently rich, full of sensuality & pampered…are…occupied with what they eat…drink,

how they amuse & sport themselves…”
– Adam Clarke


Limited income? Limit your out-go. “I can’t.” Of course, I don’t know (nor wish to know) these amount$ nor – – – your careful or careless spending habits. Start limiting your spending NOW. This WEEK. Today!  You DO NOT have to have that new ____.  “But it’s on sale.”  Big deal – many a sales paper gets thrown away at our house. You’ll be happier when you live within your income. God has helped us – He will help you, IF. You. Try. J

– eab, 12/3/18


“Christ loves little children because he loves simplicity & innocence;

He has sanctified their very age by passing through it himself.” – A. Clarke


Who? What? Why?

What did the wise men’s star-light show? (1 of 2)

When did that star begin to glow?

Where did it point to earth below?


Was He King when He was new born?

Was it late night or early morn?

Why no brass or curly ram’s horn?


Who is this wee, new Jewish Lad?

What? The carpenter’s not His Dad?

Who IS the Father, now so glad?


Why were the religionists wrong?

When they had waited, oh, so long?

What could this mean for Israel’s throng?


Who is this Who’s “crying out loud”

Why Bethlehem’s huge taxing crowd?

What? This portents Rome’s coming shroud?


Where’s the Lad to see His “first light”

Where? A lone candle in the night?

Why has God allowed “such a sight”?


Who’s Mary carried in her girth?

Who is this King of lowly birth?

Who is here born, devoid of mirth?


What will the next days, months, years bring?

Who will end His life some, sad spring?

Who’s born tonight will end death’s sting. – eab, 12/3/09


“The United States spent more on gum in one year than she spent on Missions.”

– Oswald J Smith, /Revival We Need/


Rev 2.2

“I know thy works, and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:”


Hell has all the (unrepentant) liars who ever lived. Period! Heaven has former liars but they were Redeemed by the Blood of Jesus.  If, Reader, you’re a liar (little “white” to huge black) Jesus shed His Blood to save. You can become a Truther rather than a liar, before the sun sets.

– eab, 12/3/18


“You can go to a seminary & learn how to preach sermons but

 you will have to go to God to get messages.”

– Oswald J Smith, /Consuming Fire/


Words (written/spoken) are worth no more than the one who said them. Pictures are worth no more than the one who created them. When you believe the Words of God you are in safe Hands – when you believe the words of satan (or anyone who works for him) you’re in foolish hands. If you believe the pictures/cartoons of pseudoscience you are likewise in foolish hands. Evolution (& like ilk) depends over & over on depictions i.e. artist’s conceptions (i.e. deceptions) of what “cavemen” etc. looked like.

– eab, 11/30/18

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