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Php 4.5 +

Php 4.5

“Let your moderation be known unto all men.

The Lord is at hand.”


“What greater enemy could exist than carnality?

How can we serve Him in holiness unless the interior enemy is destroyed?”

– V O Agan, /‘55 Conf. Serm./


Psa 115.15 Ye are blessed of the LORD which MADE Heaven and Earth.

God made Heaven, Earth, World #13


“Before we can get sinners scared of hell,

we will have to get scared as Christians.”

– V O Agan, /‘55 Conf. Serm./


God is lovely

Loveliness of person in reality,

Is deeper than skin, and outer-eye can see.

Loveliness is inside, shining from the soul.

God’s physical appearance we never see;

He is loveliest of all, internally!

– eab, 12/4/07


“…The connection between ‘eagle spirits’ shamans, and today’s neo-prophetic seers is unmistakable. This is the New Spirituality.”

– Mark Dinsmore.


3Jo 1.4

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”


“1000’s Without Power” – – – That’s a headline which catches our attention. They have no lights, no heat, & have no way to prepare food. As bad as this can be, we need to be aware of another scene. If some churches were to be honest they’d put a sign in their yard, “Without Power.” Light is missing. Services have no warmth of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual food is scarce or ill-prepared.

– eab, 12/4/18


“How many pastors, preachers, authors, & Christian Leaders have phony doctorates in front of their names…They would never been tempted by such vanity had they kept an eternal perspective.”

– Dave Hunt


You & I live in a world of deception. There are lies in schools, churches, state houses, & worse, even in homes. Disney is built on falsehood. Hollywood (disney’s twin-sister) is full of fakery. But this is the last world you’ll see lies. If you sadly live so you “…Make” [your] “bed in hell…”(Psa 139.8) there will be no lies. And, if by God’s grace you go up, Praise God, there’ll be no lies in Heaven.

– eab, 12/3/18

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