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Mat 22.37 +

Mat 22.37

“Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart…

with all thy soul…with all thy mind’”


“Friends, you must have the fuss taken out of your heart if you ever see God.”
– H Robb French, “8-Rm.House” (sermon)


“Read your Bible, Pray every day, Pray every day…” remember it from Sunday Sch? Good advice – but it can border on necessity; I *have* to do to “stay saved.” Transfer this to “Read Her Love Letter, Talk To Her Every Day, Talk To Her Every Day…”sounds strange? If you’re dating a girl & you *have* to make yourself read her letter, *have* to make yourself call – STOP. Realize you’re about to lose Miss Wonderful & wake up. Or be honest & Break Up. Either “Fall in Love” with Jesus again or stop professing.

– eab, 12/11/18


“How could a person be comfortable in the presence of a Holy God with…

jealousy, anger, lust, pride, & covetousness – in his heart?”

– H Robb French, “8-Rm.House” (sermon)



Christ came in the midst of dark times.

The wise saw His star in the night.

(When stars are best known to shed light.)

Though night hides a lot of bad crimes,

It also lets stars shine worth, bright.


The shepherds were under dark’s dome.

(All doing what shepherds do best)

When startled by angels, from rest

And told what town Christ would call home.

Announcement came under night’s test.


Christ will come again – thought it’s dark

He is the great Light of all earth

(Has always been since virgin birth.)

Reject, at all costs, the false mark

The antichrist, grave or in mirth.


Admitting it’s dark is no sin,

Ah, honesty marshals the truth.

(To call darkness light is uncouth.)

Look up, the real Christ comes again

He honors the saint who’s a “sleuth.”


The devil, per normal, deceives.

But Christ accepts him who believes.

-eab, 12/11/10


“A Christian is to be prepared, constantly, to express the gospel of peace.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, / Proclaiming the NT/


1Jo 2.15b

“…If any man love the world,

the love of the Father is not in him.”


Do yourself a favor. Count how many hollywood or disney films you watched in 2018 either in theater or at home. How many “christian”(?) movies did you watch in 2018 at church or in your home. Now, in all honesty, compare these numbers to what you watched from “christian” hollywood or disney in 2013. I’m not doing a survey. I’m hoping you’ll survey what’s happening in your soul. How much more of the world’s words, world view, & anti-god propaganda have you seen & exposed your family to in 2018?


“The ideal minister…is one who has set his heart upon being a daily student of the Bible, a living example of what it means & a popular teacher of what it says.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, / Proclaiming the NT/


For decades holiness women haven’t needed lipstick/face coloring. (Saves money, save laundry in removing such, allows God’s colors to shine through.)  Why are we allowing (encouraging?) our children to paint their faces for parties, picnics, etc.? If it’s OK for girls (& even boys) to have “hearts,” “animal noses” or geometric shapes painted on for a “shindig” we’re saying paint is OK at times. When your holiness girl wants to paint up for a special occasion it may be hard to say “no.”

– eab, 12/11/18

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