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Heb 5.14 +

Heb 5.14

“But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”


“So long as the soul remains submissive & trustful

the King who has cleansed, will keep it pure.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


Psa 136.5 To him that by wisdom MADE the Heavens: for his mercy endureth for ever.

God made Heaven, Earth, World # 17


“Good thoughts word & acts are the luscious grapes which always grow upon every believers branch of the true vine.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/



If you could create your own Jesus,

To suit your political taste,

You might have Him born “like a king,”

And not in a manger, near waste.


You might have His step-dad a merchant,

Perhaps owning part of the bank,

So Jesus could have lots of funds,

And thus dress a little more swank.


You might change the scene at the temple,

(At twelve He confounded the docs.)

Pretend that He birds made-on-wing,

By merrily tossing up rocks.


You might have Him coddling the preachers,

Intent on their legalist brew,

(But He called them hypocrites – Wow,

No wonder they “bit nails in two.”)


Your special “new Jesus,” your dream one,

Might skip all Golgotha’s cold loss,

He’d be a warm “pattern,” and teach,

Avoiding the grave and the cross.


A Christ so political saves none.

All sinners would die in their sin.

Thank God for His Son, who is real,

Not something created by men.


The real Christ died once for all sinners,

Arose He then, Victor, not dead.

He’s coming again, now to rule.

It’s just like they said that He said.

– eab, 12/12/03


“Christian pastor…wishes…every home in the parish would have its daily altar,

that every member of the congregation would have daily private devotions &

that every one would learn how to enjoy reading the Bible.

– Andrew W Blackwood


Rev 12.10

“…I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation &

strength & the kingdom of our God & the power of his Christ…


It is sadly true; some religious men have been involved in sexual sins: fornication, adultery, molestation of minors, sodomy. Such terrible sinners should be reported, removed from office, & punished. I write this post to warn us that some women are low enough to lie, older children can lie, & a known “gay” can lie in order to ruin a man’s reputation. As parents, grandparents, parishioners, etc. we ought to detect wrong, but also to pray the Spirit helps us discern if the report given is true or an ugly smear on a man of God.

– eab, 12/11/18


“God’s forgiveness is full;

it is free, it is forever.”

– Andrew W Blackwood


Daniel (via King Neb’s dream) saw four earthly kingdoms & only four. The last kingdom is still here, partially visible & partially hidden – but it will pass. God’s Kingdom is here & is yet to be (“Thy Kingdom Come”). His Kingdom is forever. Christians have no choice but to live under some influence of a worldly kingdom but we owe it no allegiance – We are in the Kingdom of Heaven.

– eab, 12/5/18

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