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1Ti 3.2 +

1Ti 3.2

“A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife…”

>> Only males are husbands <<


“School & church are outgrowth of the teaching & temple of the home.”
– Steve D Herron, sermon (uncertain date/locale)


God is Masculine therefore He can best be represented by an adult male. A man of God speaking to men is the heavenly plan. It cannot be improved upon. No matter how pc (politically correct) you may imagine a women preacher, no matter how much you’re intrigued by a “boy preacher,” nor how cute you may think a “girl preacher,” God’s plan is a man.

– eab, 1/1/19


“The surest way to lose a truth

is to exaggerate it.”

– Steve D Herron, sermon, 2/21/75



Where does your soul reside?

Surely, it’s within your hide.

‘Cause when a hide’s hid in the ground

One’s soul is nowhere on earth found.

Where /then/ will your soul abide?

– eab, 1/1/19


Rev 19.16

“And he hath on his vesture & on his thigh a name written,



Some modern critics of the KJV imagine they’ve found a problem: King James “wanted kings to look good” or wanted “the power of kings” to be seen in Scripture. (Neither set of quotation marks represent an exact quote but only symbolize remarks made.) Such critics are showing their modernity & their preference for democracy or a similar system. God is King! God wanted David to be king of Israel. Christ is the Son of David. Kingship predates Kings James by many hundreds of years. “King” is in Bible 1917 times!!!

– eab, 1/1/19


“All the wonders of Greek civilization heaped together

 are less wonderful than is the simple Book of Psalms…”

– Wm. Gladstone, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson


It surprises no one (I hope) that “merry christmas” isn’t in the Bible. But when I checked “new year” it’s not there either. “New” is there (132 vv), “year” is in 327 vv. but they’re not combined as our modern idea. I have no question that Christians make too much ado about the former. We’re probably too date-centered about the latter. May you, may I, live life every day regardless of its assigned number on a calendar.

– eab, 1/1/19


“Take away the Bible & our warfare with oppression & infidelity & intemperance & impurity & crime is at an end: our weapons are wrested away–our foundation is removed–we have no authority to speak & no courage to act.”

– Wm. Lloyd Garrison, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

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