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Luk 6.27 +

Luk 6.27

“But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies,

do good to them which hate you,”


“If we are believing & obedient,

feeling or no feeling, we have Jesus…”
– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


You can be Islamic & hate other religions. You can be Jewish & hate other religions. You can be any of the many religions across the face of earth, even nominal “christian” & hate other religions. But if you have Christ & His true Christianity, you hate no one, religious or otherwise.

– eab, 12/31/18


“…Conditions are so simple & plain that a little child can meet them

& as easy as an Infinite God can make them.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


verse comes tumbling

When a line of verse comes tumbling

Over the falls of your mind,

(The first line’s always the hardest)

Then another line’s not far behind,

You’ll find yourself “a fumbling,”

To find paper and pen and ink,

To grab that, that line unique,

Before it keeps on tumbling

Down the river of your mind,

To be forever beyond reach –

Your mind may ne’er be able

Again to grasp this feeble “fable,”

Only once will it be so near the beach.

When you awake tomorrow,

You’ll find to your sad sorrow,

That the thought of last night

Has quickly flowed,

Past the bends of your fluid mind,

And the idea you saw quite “kind,”

Is now completely out of sight.

How works then the poet’s mind?

How does he verse seem to find,

Where prose writers mine them not?

Poets sometimes find them unsought

Ideas and how to say them,

Come in different ways;

To some men they seem to come,

As often in the night, as in the days,

As these lines have flowed,

Down the river of my mind,

And sought outward expression,

Of a weak, poetic kind.

– eab, 1/3/07


Rev 12.9

“…The great dragon…that old serpent…the Devil…Satan,

which deceiveth the whole world…”


A different Q & A: Not question & answer, but Q  Question men & A  Accept inspired men.

Be prepared to Question everything written by mere men: ancient/modern, religious/“scientific,” opposing/ sympathetic to your view. Be prepared to Accept everything written by “…Holy men of God…”(2Pe 1.21). Accept it when you “see it” immediately, when you struggle a tad, & when you don’t comprehend it yet. – eab, 1/2/19


“The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.” – Wm Law /Serious Call…/


You’re a female whose mother, grandma, mother-n-law never wears pants. You do but out of respect to this special lady in your life you went home Thanksgiving or Christmas & wore skirts/bloused or dresses the days you were there. THANK YOU! I may not know you well, & may not this lady but I want to express my appreciation for what you did. Had pictures made? Of course. And, as family pics last a long time, you can be glad a long time that you honored her this way. Again I say, Thank You! – eab, 1/3/19


“Strive to do everything that is praiseworthy

 but do nothing in order to be praised.”

– Wm Law /Serious Call…/

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