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Php 4.8 +

Php 4.8

“…Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just,

whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things…of good report…”


Are you a reader 1 ? Are you allowing God to guide what you read? If you’re love fiction allow me to wave a flag. (My BA is in Literature, MA in Biblical Literature). I’d encourage you to totally avoid sci-fi: some is satanic, some borders on darkness/mythology, all is limited only by a writer’s imagination. There are “once-upon-a time” tales that un-realistically end “lived happily ever after” – no one lives “ever after” – we die. There’re novels which could’ve happened “in a village faraway” but didn’t. Fiction is easy to read & easy to write (IMO). It’s a lower (if not lowest) form of writing. Limit it for soul health.

– eab, 1/7/19


 “God cannot be for & against the same thing at the same time.”
– Abraham Lincoln, quoted by George B Kulp


Are you a reader 2 ? If stories appeal I strongly encourage reading biography & autobiography. These (unless fictionalized) are real & may have areas you can/should emulate them. Biographies are often penned by admirers who have “X” on a pedestal. They may omit the subject’s “sins” or at least give them little room. Occasionally a hater will pen a biography. Both the super positive & the super negative biography should be read with a “grain of salt” & a dash of pepper.

– eab, 1/7/19


“Pentecostal power is to be had today at Pentecostal prices;

no more, no less.”

– George B Kulp /Voice fr. Eternity/


Are you a reader 3 ? The second category is autobiography. It’s a man/woman giving their life narrative. If you knew them (or knew of them) you may find little facts & bits of their history interesting. As a biographer may be less then honest, the autobiographer is not above temptation, especially if he is writing with “publication” in mind. Holy souls may include too much details. And proud hearts too many accolades, boring readers. But considering the drawbacks, no one knows their life-story better than they do. – eab,1/7/19


Lev 20.7

“Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy:

for I am the LORD your God.”


Are you a reader 4 ? Regarding autobiography & biography, as a man headed, into eternity, allow me to suggest carefulness in selection. Hollywood characters, sports heroes, politicians, criminal bios (& auto-bios.) abound. Do not permit too much “tripe” into your mind. Instead seek stories of great christians. Some lived centuries ago, some recently. Some were evangelicals, some holiness people. Some served as ministers/missionaries, some were farmers, entrepreneurs, Bible ladies, & you-name-it. – eab, 1/7/19


“Cannons & firearms are cruel & damnable machines,

I believe them to have been the direct suggestion of the devil.”

– Martin Luther/Table Talk/


Are you a reader 5 ? Some of us are “born finishers” i.e. we carry a project to its completion (or have plans to finish it “someday” J) Please, fellow readers get the backbone to NOT finish a book when you see it going the wrong direction. “But it’s a part of her/his series.” That’s next to nothing if the book is polluting your mind. If you’re a child of God, the Holy Spirit may nudge you to stop reading a book, an article, stop watching a you tube & what do you do? You obey.

– eab, 1/7/19


“The predictions of the apocalypse are accomplished already

as far as the white horse.”

– Martin Luther >> food for thought <<


Are you a reader 6 ? Year ago – probably in the 60-70’s – I took a stand to not read a fictional book with four-letter words. (I’ve made 1 or 2 exceptions, one being a book Lincoln recommended that was being used at Hobe.) There are millions of fictional books – I do not need to waste my precious time reading a writer who made his make-believe characters say bad words. (This is not my rule for non-fiction.)

– eab, 1/7/19

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