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Mar 13.31 +

Mar 13.31

“Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”


“Fool for thinking a soul could be fed on the contents of a barn. Fool for degrading his soul to the level of a beast. Fool for neglecting the provision God had made to satisfy him.”

– George B Kulp /VoiceFr.Eternity/


Jer 51.15 He hath MADE the Earth by his power, he hath established the World by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the Heaven by his understanding. – God made Heaven, Earth, World # 29


“…Keen [S.A.] said that 75% of the church members he has called upon to pray with in their dying hour were unsaved…”

– George B Kulp /VoiceFr.Eternity/



Elijah went up in a “chariot of fire.”

He left his country of sickness and mire,

Going where no priest or prophet is for hire,

Going where white robes are the saint’s attire.

God, give us more of Elijah’s blessed fire!

– eab, Jan. 2007


Luk 18.1b

“…Men ought always to pray, and not to faint;”


If all you’ve know is flat-land, bland “christianity” it may never have occurred to you that spiritual mountians exist. On the other hand maybe you’ve sensed a relative, class-mate, parishioner (if you pastor), student (if you teach school), has a spiritual height far above where you’re trudging. Thousands of men & millions of dollars have been spent climbing earth’s mountains. Every man who didn’t die in his climb, came back down. Through Christ’s second birth spiritual climbers can ascend & would you believe (it is only possible by believing J) go up & up & never ever descend; climbing all the way to heaven.

– eab, 6/9/17


“If there be no Providence there will be no future judgment.”

– Isaac Watts /Logic/


May I encourage you to be a middle-of-the-night prayer? Roll out of bed, without looking at the clock, find that chair in which to be seated or at which to kneel or go to where you can pace-back-&-forth & pray. Return to bed when you feel clear, without looking at the clock. (Trust God to make up your body rest for the time you were receiving soul rest.) God is timeless, let your time with Him be as timeless as we humans can manage.

– eab, 6/17/17


“So when the Scripture assures us the worst of sinners may be saved, it signifies only that they who have been the worst of sinners may repent & be saved, not that they shall be saved in their sin.”

– Isaac Watts /Logic/

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