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Pro 16.18 +

Pro 16.18

“Pride goeth before destruction, and

an haughty spirit before a fall.”


“In the sense of uneasiness a holy man may chafe when a preacher is

 attempting to make a display of his own wisdom instead of the cross of Christ.”

– H A Baldwin, /Holiness…Human Element/


Why, pray tell, do you “make fun” of people? Is it not a feeling of superiority? (False superiority, I might add.) Are you not proud that YOU don’t do “x” or “y” or “z”? Stop it. Look for a quality in that man, woman, child, family which you can admire. They probably know some things you do not, have a way with animals which you lack, are more friendly than you with a down-n-outer (or up-n-outer). Ask God to forgive you for making fun of So-n-So (Does a name pop in mind?) & Do. So. No. More. Amen? Ouch?

– eab, 2/1/19


“How will I behave when opposed? First & always

you will be free from a spirit of retaliation or revenge.”

– H A Baldwin /Holiness…Human Element/



Never question the great Unity

Of the Holy, Happy, Triunity

Father, Spirit and Son

Are really, wondrously, One.

And One are also Three,

Somewhat like you and like me.

We are body, spirit, soul;

But we appear only as whole.

God is all Father, Son, Holy Ghost

They are not More. They are Most.

– eab, Feb. 2011


1Pe 2.17

“Honor all men. Love the brotherhood.

Fear God. Honor the king.”


Men who want to control may lure with “toys” (if you’ve a weakness there) & get you to yield to the proverbial “wine, women, or song.” If the lusts of the flesh (including money) won’t turn you they may try fear. Many western peoples have toys – I believe I may see fear being used to move (drive?) people. An example: there’re no “outer space aliens” yet as long ago as Ronald Reagan (remember he was an actor) he used this idea to promote world unity at the United Nations. Fear no one but God.

– eab, 2/1/19


“You say, ‘But you don’t know how they treated me.’ I know how they treated Jesus Christ

 but He said, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’”

– H Robb French, “Eight Rm House”


Discernment is seldom, if ever, needed between Right & Wrong. (Many sinners know the difference.) A degree of discernment may be needed between Good & Better. But for the man/woman determined to see God in peace, a high level of discernment is needed to differentiate between Better & Best. Seek discernment saint, see discernment!

– eab, 1/30/19


“It is easy for preachers today to just tone down a little & cut corners a…bit

for a wider field of influence & more money, & bigger crowds.”

– H Robb French, “Eight Rm House”

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