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Joh 9.4 +

Joh 9.4

“I must Work the Works of him that sent me, while it is day:

the night cometh, when no man can Work.” (capitals added)


“Prayer is not prayer until the soul enters into it.”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/


Too many men carried their boyish love of ball over into manhood. Then they installed (yes, similar to a computer) their passion for sports into their son. Brother, you did not do your son a favor – in fact you may have handicapped him. He may have a harder time giving up sports than you did & may fail to be “All for Jesus, All for Jesus”(Asa Hull) because of the trap, the lure of organized sports.

– eab, 2/6/19


“It seems that the thing that people are most afraid of over the country is

that supernatural, unearthly, indefinable, indescribable presence of the Living God.”

– Glenn Griffith “The Presence of the Glory”



If men can make bridge halves start

From opposite river banks

And with blueprint, I-beamed steel

Labor, rivets and welding tanks

Meet them over raging streams


God can bring marriage halves

From divorcement’s cold shore

And with Heavenly blueprint, Love

And will power join them once more

Renewing the home’s lost dreams.

– eab, Feb. 2012


The forces trying to make men less manful are the same menacing manipulators who want women to be masculine. Thank God these creeps haven’t made as much headway in mid-America as they seem (going by pics) to have on the coastal fringes. Sadly such forces appear to have convinced more persons born to be women to more toward mannishness. Train your sons to be all Male. Teach your daughters to be all Female! Their future is at stake.

– eab, 2/10/19


Gen 5.2

“Male and female created he them; and blessed them,

and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”


“The fact that a man is tempted is not proof that he is sinful…

unfelt trial is no trial, & pain on mind…is no more sin than pain of body.”

– J A Wood /Perfect Love/


“…Men ought always to pray & not to faint”(Luk 18.1) If you admire the mayor of your “burg,” the founder of your company or another leader & were able to meet him for 15 you may have considered yourself blessed. If he invited you to meet him next week for a luncheon you may have “walked on air.” These sentences begin with “if.” God, the Governor of Heaven, earth & sea, invites us to meet with Him everyday – huge contrast: 1- many meetings, huge contrast: mere mortal – Most Holy King of Eternity. – eab, 2/11/19


“Christians are to reform the world

not be deformed by it.”

– J A Wood /Sunset Echoes/

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