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Rev 21.4 +

Rev 21.4

“…God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes & there shall be no more death, neither sorrow,

nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.


“Any man who can take another’s wife & get by with it,

must drown the voice of conscience.”

– J M Hames, “Consicnece,Record,Judgment”


  1. What happened to our schools?

First McGuffey Reader (Revised, 1920) had these Christian words:

God, 2 times (p. 80)

The Lord, 3 times (p. 83).   Example:

“All your joys and griefs He knows, Counts each falling tear

When to Him you tell your woes, Know the Lord will hear.” (Lesson LVIII, no author sited)


“How about your record as a mother?…If that worldly, unsaved daughter of yours

were to die right now…could God hold you blameless at the Judgment?”

– J M Hames, “Consicnece,Record,Judgment”



Rahab’s “business” (carnal delight)

Changed with the spies’ visit that night.

She let them down the city wall,

(Stone-upon-stone, about to fall).

Rahab was walking in /her/ light.

– eab, 2/20/11



Wife Michal loved her famous man;

Informed him and away he ran.

She out a window let him down,

So he could escape her dad, the crown.

Soon David wore the crown of the clan. – eab, 2/20/11



Disciples let the “Apostle Paul”

Down the outside of a city wall.

(Was he the first “basket case”?)

Saving his life, winning the chase,

He hastened on, fulfilling God’s call. – eab, 2/20/11


Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth,

will draw all men unto me.”


Today starts a new series. Our schools are a major reason for America’s spiritual problems. These notations about & from the McGuffey Readers show how far, how very far, we’ve strayed in just a few decades. These are from the revised McGuffeys (1920). (To put that in prospective my dad graduated from high school in 1923.) Our students have been robbed of the influence of Christ & His teachings. And, this was purposely done. God have mercy on US.

– eab, 2/20/19


“But where formalism, worldliness & unbelief have crowded the Comforter out of their hearts they pay thousands of dollars to a quartette to perform the service which their backslidden souls refuse to render.”

– M W Knapp, /Christ Crowned Within/


McGuffey Intro. If you have ’t heard of McGuffey’s Readers – little background. William Holmes McGuffey (b. 9/23/1800) was a “roving” teacher by age 14 (48 students in one sch. alone). Between teaching jobs he received a classical education, graduated from Washington College, & at 26 yrs of age was appointed Professor of Languages at Miami Univ.,Oxford, OH. His McGuffey’s Readers sold in excess of 120,000,000 copies (1836-1960) ranking it close to Webster’s Dictionary & even toward the sales of Bibles.

– eab, 2/20/19


“Thus Christ crowned within changes dread of future judgment

to glad anticipation of that greatest of all great days.”

– M W Knapp, /Christ Crowned Within/

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