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Ecc 7.29 +

Ecc 7.29

“…God hath made man upright;

but they have sought out many inventions.”


They that deny a God destroy man’s nobility, for certainly man is of kin to the beasts by his body;

& if he be not of kin to God by his spirit, he is a base & ignoble creature.”

– Francis Bacon


“Love not the world…”(1Jo 2.15) are emphatic words. What then, shall Christians “do” with the world?

1.) Appreciate God’s handiwork but only worship Him.

2.) Use a little of the world for food, clothing, shelter.

3.) Ignore the vast majority of its toys & time/money traps.

– eab, 3/1/19


“God Almighty first planted a garden;

& indeed it is the purest of human pleasures.”

– Francis Bacon


Soul growth

Your body which once skipped and ran

Has slowed down now to a walk.

Your brain which once surged with ideas

Has leveled to more reasonable talk.

But your Soul, once your last concern,

Has grown, ah, has learned to discern

Between the mere chaff

(Good for a moment’s laugh)

And that which souls need to eat

The true substance, True Wheat.

– eab, 3/1/17


“…Wesley…thought that he could revive the church of Eng...about 1785 they opened the back door, & just as quickly shut it & Wesley was out…”

– V O Agan, “1955 Conference Sermon”


Frankly, all of the pro Trump, anti-Trump statements have gotten old. One bright thing, however, has come out of the last yrs. There is (among some at least) an awareness of Fake News. Good, I’m glad we know the expression; Fake News has been around for decades yea centuries but at least now we’re willing to call it by its right name. Brighter yet, there is God’s wonderful Good News, i.e. the Gospel! Be careful what news of man you believe – Believe all of the Lord’s Good News.

– eab, 3/1/19


Mat 10.22

“And ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name’s sake: but

 he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”


For most of 6 ½ yrs I worked for A&P (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company). Many weeks began by punching the clock at 12:00 or 12:01 Monday AM. If college classes were on, I’d leave at 7:00, if not I might not leave until 1 PM or later. It was best if I got a nap the previous afternoon but sometimes I failed to do so. One night I’d have gladly laid down on the floor & gone to sleep but I knew if I did it would mean my job. Friend, satan is wanting us to go to sleep, to close our eyes to Godly issues. If we sleep spiritually on “x” or “y” if won’t mean just a job – – – it’ll mean our eternal souls. Make yourself stay awake!

– eab, 2/28/19


“Hundreds of people are studying psychology, which is the study of ‘what makes you act as you do.’ You know what makes you act the way you do, it is either the Lord or the devil in you. We don’t have to study a lot of books to figure out why people act as they do.”

– V O Agan, “1955 Conference Sermon”

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