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Gen 2.24 +


Gen 2.24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother &

shall cleave unto his wife: & they shall be one flesh.”


“Abraham had nothing to go on but the Word of God.

When God spoke, Abraham listened & obeyed.”

– S D Herron, sermon (uncertain date)


“Husbands love your wives? – ah that’s easy.” Not if you’re still carnal. Even after you’re sanctified she’ll at times try your patience. But love her. She’s our “other self.” “Wives obey your husbands? Are you kidding? That’s not what TV(etc.) teaches.” No, worldly women have been, are, & will be filled with self-will. Only a sanctified wife will fully succeed here. But try it. Obey him as you’d like to be obeyed if the roles were reversed. Our children need to see Dad loving & Mom obeying.

– eab, 3/4/19


“Abraham knew from where he was going. Ur is thought to have been one of the thriving cities…He knew from where he was leaving…home, family…civilization…”

– S D Herron, sermon (uncertain date)



Seems some people are seeking to shun,

The awards their own age has won,

They try to dress like their daughter,

Vainly hoping to “be her sister,”

Or try to “play” like their grown son.


Age is an item which has no reverse,

You get “the part,” though you didn’t rehearse.

You can dab on a layer or two of paint,

Do exercises where you nearly faint,

No avail – birthdays get “worse and worse.”


God is sending us a reminder with age,

Let us LEARN to relish each passing stage.

You fool no one with paint, but you

(Relax – they’re getting older too! J)

Getting older, one-day-at-a-time, is “the rage.”

– eab, 3/4/09


Mar 12.17

“And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s & to God the things that are God’s. And they marveled at him.”


What is possibly the most important *parental* verse in the NT? “…Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s & to God the things that are God’s…”(Mar 12.17b). “Caesar” here, of course, represents government – it mints/prints the money so it has its image. Please, Brother/Sister, don’t get too upset about money: it’s just money (i.e. replaceable), it IS in a sense theirs anyway, & you can’t “take it with you.” Your child is made in God’s image. He/she is an immortal soul & therefore can’t be replaced. He/she is never the state’s; hear it, Never! In a sense he is not yours either – he/she is God’s (just as you are). And – – – unlike cash, you & I via prayer & clean living can take our child with us to heaven. Give him to God.

– eab, 3/4/19


“Powerless lives, fruitless lives are a certain result of life in which the grace of God is frustated, the commandments of God violated, & light rejected.”

– George B Kulp, “Voice fr.Eternity”


The school/college has rules against dressing with “…gold…pearls…”(1Ti 2.9b). Students are not to wear these nor teachers/staff. (This is appropriate for careful institutions sending graduates to careful i.e. non-worldly churches.) Why is a man speaking in chapel (or class) who violates these rules? “He has a doctorate in “x” (any number of disciplines) & students need to hear him.” Oh? Enough for you to disregard your rules? You say “students needed to hear him” what they learned was a Biblical stance can be waved for a mere mortal, PhD or no.

– eab, 3/4/19


“Conscience is the book in which our daily sins are written

& time never effaces the record.”

– George B Kulp “Voice fr.Eternity”

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