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Pro 22.6 +

Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go &

when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


“He is expressing what I believe to be the deepest, highest desire of the human heart

– the desire to see God the Father.”

– S D Herron


What happened to our schools? #8

Third McGuffey Reader (4th – 5th grade, Rev.,1920) had these Christian words:

Glorious One (p. 126)   God, 23 times (pp. 12, 51, 65, 66, 67, 74, 75, 76, 89, 126, 133, 145, 171, 199, 203)

Heaven, 2 times (pp. 75, 90)    Example:

“They went with him to church & while he said his prayers & sang his hymn in it, they sat in the trees, & sang their praises to the same God…them as he does for us.” (Lesson VXI, “Bird Friends” – adapted fr. Elihu Burritt)


“What Moses could not show, what the thunderings of Sinai could not reveal…

Jesus revealed. He came to show us the Father.”

– S D Herron, sermon (uncertain date)



He came before, as promised of old.

Christ came before as prophets had told.

He came, knowing He would be “sold”

But He came to break sin’s hold!


He’ll come again as a King, bold.

Christ will come from streets of gold.

He’ll come again His faithful to enfold.

Oh, be hot, my Friend, not warm or cold.


His coming may not your chart uphold.

Christ’s coming may not fit our small mold.

His return may not be (as thought) “two-fold”

But He comes Friend. Be ready to behold.


Read the Book; make it your stronghold.

Do not this poor prophecy rhyme scold.

Reading helps to remove the blindfold.

Some charts border on the over-bold.

– eab, 3/17/08


Heb 2.12

“I will declare thy name unto my brethren,

in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.”


Many, thank the Lord, have read their Bibles through. Have you read your hymnal through? It’s not on the same level, of course, never has been nor will be but many Hymns (exalting Him) were inspired by God & written “between a rock & a hard place.” Not as many (IMO) Gospels Songs (more testimonial) were equally inspired but without doubt some were. Reading your hymnal would be much better than most, if not all, fiction even that dubbed “christian fiction.” Think about it.

– eab, 3/15/19


“Earthly goods are given to be used

not to be collected.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer, /Cost…Discipleship/


1.) Memorize Scripture. 2.) Memorize the reference for that wonderful Truth. Both 1. & 2. are good disciplines for your mind. Of course, I’m not just concerned about your mind, tho I do wish you mental health. If the day comes, Heaven forbid, you have no Bible or if a day arrives when you’re eyes make it difficult to read, Verses of the Bible you have “on file” (in your brain) could be a great comforts to you.

– eab, 3/15/19


“God’s name, God’s kingdom, God’s will

must be the primary object of Christian prayer.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer, /Cost…Discipleship/

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