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Psa 119.11 +

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”


Those who disagree in love

may well be closer together than those who agree without love.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, /Proclaiming…NT/


Please, Friend, do not become a critic the King James Bible. You are very temporary; It is over 400 yrs old. Your life may have positively influenced 10, 100, even 500 people. The KJV has very positively influenced millions (if not billions) of people. And – – – your criticism of the King James 1.) Will not help you. 2.) It could hinder your child, grandchild (or other) from going with God.

– eab, 3/15/19


“Faith is what makes a Christian.

Love & peace are blessings from God that follow after faith.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, /Proclaiming…NT/



I looked around at the sky tonight,

At the time just before the dark.

I looked to see the stars bright;

They always thrill my heart.


I looked but the sky was bare.

It seemed I looked in vain;

As if there were no stars up there,

At least none that were plain.


But then – What I “seeked,”

A pin-hole in the sky.

As if you had a bucket that leaked,

And were searching the reason why.


And then, close, another light appeared,

Couldn’t be far.

Two, to light the night;

The duty of a star.


There must be many more out;

Now, the sky must be ablaze.

As these silently “shout,”

His glory and His praise. – eab, Mar. ’66


“Joy can & should be cultivated,

just as faith or any other fruit of the Spirit is cultivated.”

– Samuel Logan Brengle


When you run out of things for which to Praise God, look at your HAND. It could be argued to be the most complicated “machine” on the face of earth. It is almost (if not altogether) impossible to number its 1000’s of positions & thus 1000’s of movements. I thank God for my right HAND. I thank God for my left HAND. So happy to have them & have them functioning. And You?

– eab, 3/17/19


1Pe 1.15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.”


“We are now becoming what we shall ever be–lovers of God & the things of God

or haters of God & the things of God.”

– Samuel Logan Brengle


Few people have trouble with God being holy. In fact, deep inside, they may like it that He is 100% pure. Where people, even preachers, get antsy is, that He /invites/ us to be holy. Yea, He has made provision for us to be holy & requires it. His holy Word declares that without “holiness…no man shall see the Lord”(Heb 12.14). Why do people run from being holy?

– eab, 3/17/19

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