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Having Holy Ghost anointing is not shown by preaching long (he may like to hear himself speak). Having the anointing is not shown by being loud (he may like to “wow” people). Having the anointing is not shown by using points, sub-points & sub-sub (he may like details). And having the Spirit’s anointing is definitely not shown be being funny (he may love to entertain). Oh, how we need men who pray & obey, until they have His peculiar holy touch.

– eab, 3/19/19


2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.”


…Righteousness emphasizes the right relationship with one’s fellow man,

while holiness emphasizes the rightrelationship with God.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, /Proclaiming…NT/


If you, O King, have within the fair borders of your kingdom a man of God i.e. a representative of the King of heaven, yea, an ambassador from beyond the skies, count yourself & your subjects wonderfully blessed. Don’t subsidize him (God supplies his needs Php 4.19) but don’t tax him. Listen to his advice & request an interest in his prayers. Only a foolish king would reject an ambassador from the realms of heaven.

– eab, 3/19/19


“Gipsy Smith saw the difference between repentance & conversion

like the different between awaking in the morning & getting up.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, /Proclaiming…NT/



There is coming a day when

All we have known,

All we have grown,

All we have sown,

Will be instantly sealed in place.

By His mercy

We shall rise,

Through His receding skies,

Having said our last “good byes,”

To meet, the first time, our Savior face to face.


This land of trials and tears,

This realm of sorrows and fears,

This time of gossip and sneers,

Will forever slip down – down, out, and away.

And forever

We will be privileged to be,

With Him “who died for me,”

And His glory we shall see,

In His land of light, love, and endless day! – eab, 3/19/08


“Christian perfection does not indicate finality

but fitness.”

– Samuel Chadwick, /Humanity & God/


God has ordained that women not be the head of the home, nor the church, nor the nation. Yet, Hear It, yet He’s left open to her, as well as males, the most powerful position (hidden, but powerful) known to man. I refer to the prayer closet. There a woman of God may go & pull heaven & earth together. A husband, a church, a nation is highly blessed to have such a powerful woman enter her closet. Your mother, sister, wife, daughter etc. may help “lead the world” toward God through the avenue of prayer. Wonderful.

– eab, 3/19/19


Rom 11.18

“Boast not against the branches. But if thou boast,

thou bearest not the root, but the root thee.”


“He did not come to regulate sin

but to destroy it.”

– Samuel Chadwick, /Humanity & God/


Stop sinner, trying to make a name for yourself. Stop also, carnal heart, trying to make a name for yourself. Become holy. Make it your goal not to be known but to make your Father’s name known & revered among your family & friends AND enemies. You & will soon crumble in some grave – God will live on forever. Make. Him. Known.

– eab, 3/19/19

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