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There is danger in believing all you see in a book on prophecy or on a prophecy chart. Do not unthinkingly “buy” all your pastor, professor, favorite “prophecy guy” teaches. Their ideas should stand up to scrutiny & MORE stand up to Scripture. It would be so unlike satan to leave a portion of God’s Word without attack – so be mindful that he will try to deceive you via false prophecy. (Not calling the above men sinners but “good” men have been wrong on this point or that, about end-time-teachings.)

– eab, 3/19/19


1Jo 4.1

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”


The works of Moses…have been a kind of textbook to almost every writer on geology, geography, chronology, astronomy, natural histort, ethics, jurisprudence, poltical economy, theology, poetry & criticism.”

– Adam Clarke >> If you say “they aren’t now,” it shows the sliding of men, not Moses. <<


Never discredit prayer – a man’s, a woman’s, a child’s. God hears the state-house-speeches. He hears the “learned” lecture series. God hears every talk/sermon which is attempting to influence men. But to what (IMO) does He really listen? The simple prayer, lisped or grammatically perfect, presented to His Eternal Throne Room. PRAY Friend. God is listening!

– eab, 3/19/19


“Reader, magnify God for his law, for by it is the knowledge of sin;

& magnify him for his gospel for by this is the cure for sin.”

– Adam Clarke



Lord You’ll have to defeat the devil.

We don’t have the strength

We can’t do it alone, we can’t do it at length,

Lord, You’ll have to defeat the enemy

Time and time again

But there’s coming a day,

O glorious day

When the battle will end.

There’s a final victory coming,

For the blood-washed of all ages,

The simple and the sages,

The kings and their pages.

There’s a final victory coming,

When the battle will be won.

Trials will end, Christ will descend

The Father’s Redeeming Son.

– eab, March  1978


“The idea [in Bible Study] is to show the layman how to read the Bible,

not to show how much the pastor knows about it.”

– Andrew W Blackwood


Dating lady – hint for happy meals – if he asks to you to marry him J. When he takes you to a restaurant pay attention to what HE orders. (Don’t make a note then but when alone write what it was & find out how to fix it.) If he takes you to a buffet note the foods of which he gets seconds. If you have a meal with his parents, listen to what is mentioned as his favorite food. After marriage you can ask his mother how to fix it & she’ll like you better for asking for her recipe. I wish you many happy suppers with him.

– eab, 3/21/19


Luk 6.25b

“…Woe unto you that laugh now!

for ye shall mourn & weep.”


“After a man has been in the ministry 8 or 10 yrs his files

should contain the results of his studies in almost every book of the Bible.”

– Andrew W Blackwood


Two words which I find wrongly paired – you should too – are “christian … comedian.” (There is nothing wrong with laughing at “accidental” events or an occasional pure joke.) Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of all kings (it’s normal for earth’s kings to be serious) was anything but “funny.” Comedians use idle words. Yes, he may have no dirty stories. Yes, he may not tell jokes which reflect on the holiness of heaven, or horribleness of hell, but a string of jokes/stories is (IMO) bound to include idle words (see Mat 12.36).

– eab, 3/21/19

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