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Jesus wants you to dislike, totally dislike the man-made religion called islam. It’s false, corrupt, deadly. Jesus wants you to like, even love the people deceived in this falseness. They’re to be pitied. We should never wish their death. I was raised in a catholic community. Their religion is wrong (don’t confuse catholicism & Christianity – they’re not the same) & I totally disapprove of it. But I do not hate catholics or moslems – nor should you.

– eab, 3/25/19


Luk 6.27

“But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies,

do good to them which hate you.”


…He [Jesus] turned our attention to the realization that we can know the Son & know the Father. Now that is the greatest knowledge that mortal man could gain.”

– T M Anderson


He died yesterday. He’d been raised to believe right & in a way wanted to do right. He’d not intended to pass unprepared. He died yesterday. Though not young, he saw himself as having yrs to live. His body was in good shape – he’d seek God after the next season. He died yesterday. He has no “today” today. Oh, how he wishes he had no “tomorrow” tomorrow. He’s forever among the damned. He died yesterday.

– eab, 3/25/19


“If God Almighty could invite them [disciples@seashore] breakfast & cook it for them,

don’t you think He knows what to do next in any circumstances in all the world?”

– T M Anderson


Have faith

Have faith in what? Yourself?

That’s what some would advocate

Or have faith in another? Yes?

No. Miss-placed faith can aggravate.

Having faith in any man-system

Will bring you sorrow and real pain.

Only faith in God brings lasting gain.

– eab, March 2011


“It is great men potential saints not little men

who become merciless fanatics.”

– C S Lewis, /Reflection…Psalms/


Brothers – Sisters are we too political? Seems we are more, a lot more, than our Savoir. The Christ from whom “Christian” is derived was very aware (more than you & I can ever be) of corrupt world powers. Yet He never even mentions “Rome, Roman, Romans.” He had a lot to say about His Kingdom – perhaps we need to lessen our “this world words” & increase our words about “Thy Kingdom Come.” Amen? Ouch? – eab 3/25/19


1Co 11.8-9

“For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man.

Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man,”


“…An ancient Jew…had never heard of music or festivity or agriculture

as things separate from religion nor of religion as something separate from them. Life was one.”

– C S Lewis, /Reflection…Psalms/


Don’t sound the identical note all the time – not even most of the time. (People will think it’s the only note you know J). But I’ve sung bass in 1000’s of songs (choirs, two quartets, congregationals on four continents) & have sung the same note in the same song – go up one, go up another, come back to where you were, over & over. Children & some not-so-young need to hear a truth again. Not every Lord’s Day, maybe not every “revival” but repeating tends to reinforce a truth. Sound the note God wants sounded.

– eab, 3/25/19

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