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Rom 13.8 +

Rom 13.8

“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another:

for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”


“…We think we should insult both his holiness & his omniscience if we did not believe that he could both foresee & foretell that Judas would be unfaithful without necessitating him to be so.”

– John Fletcher /Works I/


The more you have the more you want 1.) As a collector 2.) As “keeping up with the Jones” 3.) As trying to satisfy the soul with mere materialism (impossible, BTW). TV, radio, billboards, computer ads feed this desire for more & more. If you aren’t careful you’ll go in debt to procure things. STOP. In a way debt is the “new slavery.” There are banks/others who like it that you’re in debt – you don’t have to be.

– eab, 5/17/17


“Mr. Wesley I reverence as the greatest minister I know but

would not follow Him one step farther than he follows Christ.”

– John Fletcher /Works I/



Why should the Father even bother

With the sinful race of men

Who have spurned and then turned

From any thought of Him?


There was only One begotten Son

And He was so willing to be

The sacrifice that would suffice

Willing to die on that tree.

– eab, April 1996


What is the attraction of pageantry? What pulls people toward regalia? What is the lure of formality? The late Steve D Herron, a great from an earlier, more plain holiness era asked, “How formal do we have to be to be formal?” There’s a connection between my questions & his. Would you, for one, be willing to honestly answer these? Holy people were once less inclined to ceremony – it was almost absent except at weddings. What’s caused this change; why are many in love with formality? Has the fascination with such made us a more praying people, a more praising people, a more heaven-conscience people? Think about it. – eab, 5/22/17


Gen 2.8

And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden;

& there he put the man whom he had formed.”


“Confession is thus a genuine part of the life of the saints

& one of the gifts of grace.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer / Cost…Discipleship/


God was first, the very First Gardener. And millennia later He is still providing dirt in which plants can grow for food, He’s still “giving sunshine away” for nothing, and He’s still sending occasional sprinkles of rich rain. What didn’t He do? In the case of planned gardens, He does not plant them, does not weed them, nor harvest them. He does what we cannot do AND allows us to do what we can do. Sound familiar? (It is similar to salvation.)

-eab, 5/23/17


“Discipleship without Jesus Christ is a way of our own choosing. It may be the ideal way. It may even lead to martyrdom but it is devoid of all promise. Jesus will certainly reject it.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer / Cost…Discipleship/

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Mat 9.13 +

Mat 9.13

“But go ye & learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy & not sacrifice:

for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”


Apostacy begins in the closet.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


Because Jesus ate with sinners is no sign that He agreed with them. On at least one occasion he reproved the Pharisee (Luk 11.39ff) with whom He dined. One of our toughest “jobs” as His followers, is to be among sinners – doing what good we can – yet be heavenly minded enough to see through the maze & offer them the hope of Christ, at a moment’s notice. They need to see us as “normal” & yet hear testimony from another world.

– eab, 4/19/19


“When political matters are brought into the church of Christ

both are ruined.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


I have a request. Not for my good – for your good. OPEN your eyes to the fake which surrounds you. We have plastic “flowers” fake “bacon” vinyl “wood,” imitation turf etc. – these are comparatively innocent. Far worse are “families” portrayed on TV, false news on a smart phone, fiction making you believe (or nearly so) that it’s “science,” faux actors/actresses about which you know more than you do about real people. Remove the phony, the fraudulent from your life, from before your eyes – Seek Truth!

– eab, 4/22/19



God does for His servants as He see best;

Some have activity, others have rest.

Several don work clothes, some suit and vest,

Some are far from home, some near their nest,

Some face life’s low load with a heavy chest,

Several sing and whistle high on the crest.

But all His known servants have passed His test;

They’ll gather soon from northeast to southwest.

Never forget, Child, God knows what is best.

– eab, 4/27/11


“In my opinion no one is fit for God’s service until he is willing

to be considered mad by the world. They said Paul was mad…”

– D L Moody, quoted by M W Knapp /Revival Kindlings/


Just because your “x” (modern jargon) has re-married is no sign you’re free to. They broke their “till death do us part” promise, but you can “keep your word” to them. (Two wrongs do not make a right). It has to be very hard to see couples who seem happy & you’re alone or trying to play Dad & Mom to under-age children. I’m sorry. But if you can overcome – you can with His grace (Luk 1.37), in a short while you can go to up & never be lonely again. Heaven will SURELY be worth it all.

– eab, 4/25/19


1Co 7.10

“And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord,

Let not the wife depart from her husband:”


“Welcome this chain for Christ’s sake.”

– John Huss at his death, quoted by M W Knapp

“I would not change my joy for the empire of the world.”

– Sir Philip Sidney, quoted by M W Knapp


Earth has some lovely scenes & scenery (real or even in your dreams) but the best of these are but tiny foretastes of that Beyond-Description-Upper-Land which awaits every vibrant saint.

– eab, 4/27/19

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Joh 1.9 +

Joh 1.9

“That was the true Light, which lighteth every man

that cometh into the world.”


Affluence is a slippery path few have ever walked in it without falling

…Rich men even when pious are seldom happy…”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


God created the individual. And, God has the unique ability to be very present with YOU individually even when you’re in a crowd (church or otherwise). Individuality is one of the strengths of Christianity. The devil wants to (perhaps can only) control as a mass, a mob, a gang, all moving toward or fomenting disaster. How magnificent is God in holy contrast.

– eab, 4/27/19


“Many proper marriages become unhappy in the end because the parties

have not earnestly besought God for the grace necessary for them as husbands & wives.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


Sinners think that being with “friends,” drinking “spirits” in the night is great fun.

Only Saints know the pleasure of being with their great Friend & communing with His Spirit in the night. Many have given up a sinner “night life.” How many have taken up a saint’s night life of worship?

– eab, 4/27/19



The Greeks had a god for rain,

And another one for the sun.

And why did they have two?

Because it is plain

Zeus and Helios weren’t big enough to do,

The work of Jehovah, The One.

-eab, Apr. ’68


“Revival Hindrances…Engaging in acts, temper or amusements which are contrary

to the teaching of the Word & inconsistent in true Christians.”

– M W Knapp /Revival Kindlings/


I was asked yrs ago, “Is it bragging if you know you can do it?” 1.) Why, why, do you want to tell people “I can do x”? Does it help them? Does it truly help you? 2.) And – – – just because you did it yesterday (yester-week) with finesse, is no sign you’ll do it equally well today. (God may allow you to be momentarily distracted to calm pride.) Let your actions speak, rather than your words.

– eab, 4/27/19


Joh 1.1-2

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God & the Word was God.

“The same was in the beginning with God.”


“God be with you, my children; I have breakfasted with you

& I shall supper with my Lord Jesus Christ this night.”

– Robt Bruce(1554-1631)Scots Presbyterian, quoted by M W Knapp


Jesus is the Word. He is God’s Divine Expression. God used words & inspired the prophets to pen them for the OT. He in similar fashion inspired the Apostles to write words for Him in the NT. He says that men are to be won to the Kingdom of heaven “…By the foolishness of preaching…”(1Co 1.21) showing He currently values words. Never discount the importance of words! God’s enemies use images – God uses words.

– eab, 4/27/19

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Mar 5.19 +

Mar 5.19

“Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends & tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee & hath had compassion on thee.”


God…cannot prefer one to another, because

he has nothing to hope or fear from any of his creatures.

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


IHC #1 Arrived home @ 11:30 PM from IHC – glad we went. It was nice to see Laura (Daryl very briefly) & 3 of theirs, Phillip/Heather & their 6. Had short but good visits with Jerry Bell, Tovie Blackcalf, David Blowers, Will Byler, Steve Cassidy, Jose Cancio, Gareth Carter, Les Crawford, Bud Dickinson, Aaron Dorman, Alvin Downs, Daniel Edwards, Carl Eisenhart, David Evans, Jeremy Fuller, Dale Hartle, Dennis Johnson, Daniel Melton, Harry Plank, Leonard Sankey, Clair Sams, Carson Scarbrough, HE & Caroline Schmul, Paul Schantz, Joe Smith, Kevin Spriggs, Dan Stetler, Ken Thompson, Anthony Webb, John Zechman, a waitress (Spaghetti Warehouse). & smiled, waved or shook hands with others.

– eab, 4/25/19


“He loves God with all his mind…who studies neither art nor science but as far as necessary for the service of God & who banishes, as much as possible, from his understanding & memory every useless, foolish, & dangerous thought…with every idea which has a tendency to defile his soul.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


IHC #2 Darrel Stetler brought a detailed, theological, good message, Jack Hooker drew some parallels between his affliction & carnality needing to be removed – the best truth (for me) was the historical but urgent message toward humility by Leonard Sankey. One of the best songs (IMO) was Barry & Chris & the best prayer was Rollin Mitchell (he spoke of churches without pastors & getting back to getting country young men who would study under local pastor). Words or phrases snatched “Destination IHC” (interesting idea), “He walked with God” (from Don Wardlaw’s tombstone), “I’m hearing another voice from another world” (Ken Thompson about his late dad).

– eab, 4/25/19



There is a pleasure in words well spoken

There is a pleasure in words well said.

There is a pleasure in words well written

Though some may be over-your-head.

There is a pleasure in words well sung

To music that has /your/ lilt,

Like seeing a cottage in a pleasant setting

That’s beautifully well-built.

There’s a pleasure in God’s Great Book

That’s unparalleled in any other.

There is a pleasure in the words & actions

Of an anointed, ministerial brother.

Enjoy and learn to enjoy such simple

Pleasures as God allows to your ears.

Oh, find pleasure as oft as the Lord has it.

Brother, that’s been often in my good years. – eab, 4/25/18


“In the heaven to come we shall be ‘free from sin’

In the heaven begun, ‘Being made free from sin” we have our fruit unto righteousness.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


IHC #3 Sad News – a former high school class mate has parkinsons. Another has dementia. You see someone’s hair at a distance & think of So-n-So then remember they aren’t at IHC, they’re (hopefully) in a far better world. Hearing of a much younger minister who’s health may be in question. Seeing someone all by herself. Saints with slow walk & stoops. Hearing of man I’d prayed for’s remarried (1st wife alive).

Good News – a church which was dwindling running an good average & is on track to do better. A Dad was happy his son’s in heaven. Man was rejoicing his dad made it up there. A former student emphasizing holiness in his preaching (God is using him). Hearing of a new church-start in a PA town without holiness voice. Seeing the number of holy women who’ve not bowed to the world’s “demand” for immodesty.

– eab, 4/25/19


1Ti 2.9

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness & sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls or costly array”


“Because he [the backslider] see now

he often tries to persuade himself that he was deceived & never did see.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


Science fiction & science (perhaps not as far apart as we’ve thought) wants you to imagine a future where men live “in space” or “on other planets” or “aliens visit from outer space” – a part of their dream world. But few, if any (IMO) of them read/believe God’s account of the future. There’s a startlingly Holy heaven above that can be in your future & mine. Or if we reject Christ’s redemption, there’s a hot hell below us. That, Friend, is the REAL future.

– eab, 4/25/19

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Isa 55.2 +

Isa 55.2a

“Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread?

and your labor for that which satisfieth not…”


God is holy & this is the eternal reason why all his people should be holy;

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


A book is one of man’s best friends. Through the printed page he may be a student of any great author of the past.  If a university or college could arrange to have the “greats” of the past to come to their lecture halls they could not contain the students.  It is through books that men have retold their lives, loves, and enlightening ideas.

-eab c. 1967


“It seems to be a principal concern with many to find out how little grace they may have & yet escape hell; how little conformity to the will of God…& yet get to heaven.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


14 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Pro 8.13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: PRIDE & arrogancy

& the evil way & the froward mouth, do I hate.



For now, three worlds abound:

One up, one here, one down.

Millions live to ever-live above,

Millions temporary live to our left & right

Millions wish they could die, below

In hell’s hot, dark, foul-smelling night.

– eab, 4/21/19


“With the deepest humility Christ should be credited for all He does within the heart.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


Churches and movements are NOW funneling followers toward and INTO the false, one-world church. What is the only hope of escaping this “herding in”?  LOVE of the truth (2Th 2.10).

– eab, 10/12/14


Isa 53.6

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way;

& the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”



Lies lie to your east & lies lie to your west.

There are more lies than you ever would’ve guessed.

Spread thick or thin, they’re all around

Sadly, as the age closes, they super-abound

But you can be lie-clean inside, have a clean “vest.”

– eab, 4/21/19


“That this experience is not for ‘ordinary people’ is simply one of satan’s lies. It is promised to all & thousands of ‘ordinary’ as well as extraordinary have proved its blessedness.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


If you had a friend, or worse a relative, who committed suicide you’re tempted to put the best construction on the circumstances & hope that they went up. Allow a word of caution. Please keep your reasoning (which may be more faulty they you see) to yourself. If we give too much hope for the suicide’s death there’s a danger that a youth or other faced with a depressing situation (real/imagined) will believe they can take their life. And – those trying to hope for their dead may be partly responsible for this later soul in hell.

– eab, c. 2013


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1Co 1.21 +

1Co 1.21

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God,

it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”


“Departed spirits are not men; & dead men cannot be tried till the resurrection of the dead takes place when departed spirits & raised bodies will form men again by their re-union.”

– John Fletcher /Works I/


Testify to holiness (if you are sanctified). Sing holiness songs to wholesome music. Preach/teach holiness as Christ & the apostles pronounced it. A compromising variety of “holiness” stalks the land. It wants Jesus-type words to big band or rinky-dink sounds – that friend, is not holiness. It wants to allow carnal manifestations at ball games (“But the ref. WAS wrong”), prideful appearances instead of the plain clothing, & such modern “holiness” has no shout & no shine.

– eab, April 2019


“Truth, next to God, is the most powerful thing in the world.”

– John Fletcher /Works I/


God knows difference

Recent converts and

Receding compromisers

Can look nearly the same

Fresh “ink” has recorded one’s new name

The other, though denying, lives in shame.

– eab, 4/20/09


Drinking hard liquors has brought many to joblessness, to wifelessness, to health-less-ness. Please oppose it, though it’s within the family – it’s a curse. Now, allow the Lord to show you what else is within the family circles which you should oppose because it also is wrong & needs your strict disapproval. True, one can be too preachy about “x” or “y” but we can also can become accustomed to outright sin & therefore silent until it’s too late. Amen? Ouch?

– eab, 4/18/19


Psa 139.8

“If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there:

if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.”


“The ‘last days’ began with Christ’s first advent

& will end with His second advent.”

– F F Bruce /Book of Acts/


Heaven, above all the earth, is full of Light. People who dislike, even hate light, do not go here.

Earth, the middle-land, is an ever changing mixture of light & darkness – introducing us to both.

Hell, below earth, is associated with “outer darkness”(Mat 8.12ff) therefore may totally lack light.

– eab, 4/20/19


“…What was piety to the Greeks

was superstition in the eyes of the apostle.”

– F F Bruce /Book of Acts/

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1Pe 4.8 +

1Pe 4.8

“…Above all things have fervent charity among yourselves:

for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.”


The husband should provide for his wife without encouraging profuseness, watch over her without giving her vexation; keep her in subjection without making her a slave;

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


You told her (repeatedly?) “I love you.” Now you’re telling yourself you don’t love her. What changed? “She did.” Maybe she did, I don’t know but I DO know that Bro Peter said, “…charity shall cover the multitude of sins”(1Pe 4.8). Ask God to help you see beyond her faults (You, of course, have none. “Ahem.”) God wants your home to succeed; satan does not. You decide who you’ll please.

– eab, 4/19/19


“Those who imagine they can encounter the cares of life with just the same measure of grace which was sufficient for them in a single state will find themselves greatly mistaken.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


13 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Psa 73.6 Therefore PRIDE compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.



If you have an eye for the tiny,

Substitutes abound.

If you’ll settle for less-than-the-best,

Second-rates are ‘round.

If “good enough” will do for you,

If stuffed animals make up your “zoo,”

If church – you can’t wait till it’s through,

Your vows you need to renew.

False is “real” – it has a-hold on you!

– eab, 4/18/09


“God wonderfully helped the preacher [J. Edwards] but many of his people had been up all night on Saturday praying for God’s blessings on him.”

– George B Kulp


Christ was Christian in all He said during His the-greatest-on-earth-Teaching “Career” (said with respect). He was very Christian when His mothers-blood-people turned against Him. Tougher yet, He was Christian when they collaborated with the world-power, Rome, to have Him killed. He was impeccably Christian during the mockery of His trial (worst injustice earth’s ever seen). And, Jesus Christ was a perfect Christian as He hung between 2 common criminals (as if He were one). He promised the one Paradise that day & looked down on the men who nailed Him there & asked His Father to forgive them. Wow! (Pardon me, “wow” is too cheap but somehow seems appropriate.) “O, God, help my level of forgiveness!”

– eab, 4/19/19


Luk 23.34

“Then said Jesus, ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’

And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.”


“Conscience is the book in which our daily sins are written

& time never effaces the record.”

– George B Kulp


“If I could buy him for what he’s worth & sell him for what he thinks he’s worth…” – I was a youth when I first heard & realized the sense of this. Sadly, it still makes sense. Mr “x,” even Pastor “x” or Prof “x” may not be as valuable as he & his fans think he is. The best of us (only the Lord knows who those are) have our faults. Please incline yourself toward humility & shun pride like a plague – It. Is. One.

– eab, 4/19/19

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1Co 1.21 +

1Co 1.21

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God,

it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”


Martin Wells Knapp tells of “A ticket agent [pre 1890] at a railroad station gave a tract with each ticket. 22 persons wrote him that they had been converted by means of his tracts.”


Some men are known as Enthusiasts, some are viewed as Educators, & frankly some men are almost or in reality, Entertainers. A few men are Holy, Happy, Humble servants of the Most High. They have fewer followers than the first group but thank God for all every man in the latter group.

– eab, 4/18/19


“He who is popular with the world cannot at the same time please God…

a ‘man-pleasing preacher.’” – M W Knapp



A geese vee flew overhead

Headed for regions beyond,

Eventually to down glide

To lakeside, creek, or mid-pond.


But now they angling fly

Flying in good formation

Individuals, together,

Designed by great Creation.


Theirs is a great graceful gray

Veeing off to far “new” homes,

One side slightly to the right

Of the goose who with him roams.


The other side slopes to left

Lefting to lesson the winds,

They call to each his buddy.

Is it “courage” he thus sends?


The regal-dressed goose in lead

Leads both sides of his big vee

A loosely flying unit

Yet each bird is truly free.


What wise cooperation,

Co-oping to reach a shared goal.

If God can thus make mere birds,

Can He not help man’s long soul?

– eab, 4/18/05, in Canada


Two problems with a PhD (or other terminal degrees) are a strong temptation to 1.) Feel like one has arrived & with that, (if agreed to) the horrible weight of Pride. And 2.) Feel compliancy or a slowness or laziness to climb to new heights or dig into deeper mines of Truth.

– eab, 4/10/19


Rom 1.20

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power & Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”


“Were there no pride, there would be no sin; & the heart from which it is cast out has the humility, meekness & gentleness of Christ implanted in its stead.”

– Adam Clarke


Artists die. Their work is a motionless before they are – frozen in color, fixed in texture & at a halt. God is the only “Artist” (said with utmost respect) who ever-lives. His work is forever changing: either alive (grass, herb, tree), or mobile (seas, clouds, fogs), or shifting (glaciers, dunes, rivers). Some think that they like to sit in a man-made “cathedral” – I much prefer (there’s no comparison, to me) to sit in what I penned in 1979 a, “cathedral of oaks.” It is majestic as only the Greatest Artist can make & it’s alive with slight sounds, leafy movements, forest smells & yet allows the wanting, waiting heart to fellowship with Him.

– eab, 4/18/19


“This fitness…to appear before God & thorough preparation for eternal glory, is what I plead for, pray for, & heartily recommend to all true believers under the name of Christian Perfection.”

– Adam Clarke

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1Co 10.31 +

1Co 10.31

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God.”


“Whenever there has been a Saul suddenly blazing up…there has also been some Stephen who has helped to kindle the flame.”

– M W Knapp /Revival Kindlings/


Architecture #1. Every now-n-then something shows up on my feed, “x” things no one knows about me. (BTW, I do not encourage you to tell much to these, for security reasons.) But here is a fact that many acquaintances & perhaps even old friends do not know – in the early 60’s I considered becoming an architect. U.C. (Cincinnati) had, as far as I knew, a good Architectural College. As a boy I’d drawn, as a youth had mechanical drawing, & believe I could have done a decent job with training. There was one thing (in addition to my pull toward teaching) that hindered me entering that interesting field. (see # 2)

– eab, 4/16/19


“…The Holy Spirit…Cowardice, fear, unbelief, pride, envy, revenge & their kindred hate him…& He has been known to drive them all from a soul in an instant.”

– M W Knapp /Revival Kindlings/


Architecture #2. One of the main reasons I did not take up the architect’s pencil was churches. As a church-going boy & as one saved in the spring of the 7th grade, I knew I would enjoy drawing churches. I also knew (as a nineteen-yr-old) that spending large sums on churches was not God’s plan. True, I would have enjoyed the angles, the floor plans, the assortment of materials, which my paper & pencil could produce. But I had to separate that desire from a deeper conviction against extravagant worship buildings. God’s sweet presence in a simple structure far surpasses the “ooh’s” & “aah’s” a roof-line or a “wow” interior.

– eab, 4/16/19


good enough?

Are you good enough to go above?

So lacking in hate? So full of love?

Christ only is adequate to save

To keep us from the eternal grave

Accept Father, Son, and Holy Dove.

– eab, 4/15/11


Architecture #3. Why is eab stating this today? Yesterday a great piece of architecture was damaged. As seen above, I do not favor overly-elaborate church buildings. Though not my style, it took yrs to plan, build, & finish, so it is a loss to Paris. But, believer in Christ, was it a loss to us? To true Christianity? No. Too many pulpits are silent about the errors of catholicism. Too few believers have read Foxx’s Book of Martyrs. Too few have seen the material which was edited out of later Hanley’s Handbooks. The catholic system is not just another denomination as Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian etc.

– eab, 4/16/19


Mic 5.13

“Thy graven images also will I cut off & thy standing images out of the midst of thee;

& thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands.”


“A state that enacts bad laws is as criminal before God

as the individual who breaks good ones.”

– Adam Clarke


Architecture #4. A place of worship should be simple. It should easily turn our minds to God. If a sanctuary has too many stained glass windows, too many ceiling line angles, too highly decorated interior, we tend to not allow ourselves to feel His presence, which we desperately need. You can’t redo your worship place. If part of the above described it, I’m sorry. I encourage you to enter the sanctuary early without extended conversations, to renew the custom of kneeling in silent prayer. If kneeling is out (at 76 I understand) bow your head & pray. (You may close your eyes – literally – to the architectural distractions; don’t sleep.)

– eab, 4/16/19


“Unmeaning words useless repetitions & complimentary phrases in prayer are in general the result of heathenism, hypocrisy or ignorance.”

– Adam Clarke

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Joh 15.19 +

Joh 15.19

“…Because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world,

therefore the world hateth you.”


He loves God with all his heart who loves nothing in comparison to him & nothing but in referrence to him…

He loves God with all his soul, with all his life, who is ready to give up his life for His sake…

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


“Give up the world? I can’t.” Yes, you can. You can give it up, gladly, willingly now & be redeemed, be released from its grasp. To be saved from all sin now is to be happy to see the world go. Or you can wait till you’re pulled away from it – your cold, dying fingers grasping it to the very last. You, wishing for another fling, another hour to sin, another smoke. At death you’re sorry to see your world slipping away & you – totally unprepared for heaven – have no place to go but hell. You can AND will give up the world.

– eab, 4/13/19


“…Pride is the very essence of sin…”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


12 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Psa 59.12 For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their PRIDE: and for cursing and lying which they speak.



His love is: Higher than all my frustrations,

Deeper than my lowest sin

Far to the right of my extremities,

Far to the left of my necessities.

His love is SO much bigger than my needs.

– eab, Apr. ’76


“The cradle contained a Babe;

the cross held a Man;

but the tomb gave up a God.”

– Andrew N Johnson, Methodist preacher


For whom do you pray? “Me & my wife, my son John & his wife, us four & no more.” Expand your circle.

Pray for your pastor & his wife, their son John & his wife. Expand it some more.

Pray for the leader of your group/fellowship & his wife, their son John & his wife. More yet?

Pray for head native pastor on your mission field, & his wife, their son JUAN & his wife. Get the idea?

– eab, 4/15/19


2Co 6.17

“Wherefore come out from among them & be ye separate, saith the Lord,

& touch not the unclean thing; & I will receive you,”


“He is a pilgrim on earth but an enrolled citizen on high…He is the reflection of the Father & the temple of the Holy Ghost…His nature is from Heaven & his name from Antioch.”

– Andrew N Johnson, Methodist preacher


Christ arose before the sun was up that First Lord’s Day!

Mat 28.1 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week came Mary…

Mar 16. 2ff …very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun. And when they looked, they saw that the stone was rolled away…

Luk 24.1 Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulcher…

Joh 20.1 …first day of the week cometh Mary…early when it was yet dark…seeth the stone taken away…

Sun-rise services have heathen roots. SUN worship is present in USA.

– eab, 4/15/19

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