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2Co 11.3 +

2Co 11.3

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty,

so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”


The final word of judgment will be our final word to Jesus & that final word will be either ‘Come’ or ‘Depart.’”

– Samuel Chadwick, /25 Sunday Evenings/


Eve had no idea what a wife was when she became one. (Adam had memory of life before Eve; she had no memory of life before Adam.) Eve had no idea of what a mother did before she become a mom. If ever a woman was without role models it was Eve: how to be a wife, to be a mom, how to act like a grandmother. – eab, 3/30/19


“The New Testament has no meaning

if Jesus is anything less than a Savior.”

– Samuel Chadwick, /25 Sunday Evenings/


8 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate” (Pro 8.13).

Psa 10.2 The wicked in his PRIDE doth persecute the poor:

let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.



The sun had heated the wrinkled skin

And precious warmth instilled within,

With seemingly no outward result.

But inside the movement of sap

Permeated the cells (as roads a map)

It was the renewed sunshine’s “fault.”


The sap came up from the deepest root

To the farthest, round, diminishing shoot,

In action and time, like each spring.

Running by day, and stopping by night,

Then, again continuing its insistent flight,

To the tune that the robins sing.


Then at last appeared the bud, deep red.

On the tree that last winter looked so dead;

But now it stands, awake from its nap.

On upper branches the buds opened wide,

Revealing the tender green hid inside,

Oh, the wonderful power of sap.

– eab, April 1966


“A departure from the faith leaves a person nowhere else to go except to doctrines of devils.”

– Carl McIntire, /Modern..Babel/


Read, Dad, to your children while they’re young. It should not be a strange but rather a comforting sight to see you, the family patriarch, with a book in your hand. Books open a vast, immense, almost unlimited world to you & your family. “But, I’m a poor reader.” I’m sorry, some men (& women) are. How can this be change? Practice. Read to yourself & read alone if need be. (You’re likely to learn more if you read aloud – not just seeing the words/ideas, but you’re hearing them as well – a re-enforcement.)

– eab,


1Ti 3.4

“One that ruleth well his own house,

having his children in subjection with all gravity;”


“Without the resurrection there is no Christianity.”

– Carl McIntire, /Modern..Babel/


Dear pastor, school man, mission/conference leader – By virtue of the fact that she is your daughter/he is your son, your child is an unelected leader among your youth. If he/she is still under your roof, Please Sir, have them keep the rules your church/school/missions expects of its “members.” And, if they’re married do

not encourage your son & wife, daughter & husband to “do there own thing” by using them regardless of their push to go left.

– eab, 4/3/19

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