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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

and gave himself for it;”


“One can’t be sinning & born of God at the same time.

That is the law of truth.”

– Andrew N Johnson, Methodist preacher


Do not love just your wife’s cooking, nor just her fine looks, nor her titillating laughter – love her. Her cooking may change, her looks will change, & she could even lose her laughter – hope not, but possible. Love the packaging, yes, but make sure to love the core more.

– eab, 4/13/19


“The great truth that we can live above sin, started the Holiness Movement & it has to be propagated, if the Holiness Movement is to be perpetuated.”

– Andrew N Johnson, Methodist preacher



Fox grass bending under gentle, windy strokes,

Snow bank patches left on eastern side of slopes,

Early grass growing on the valley wall beyond,

Horizontal streaks set ablaze by the sun,

Unleafed apple trees file up the hill abreast.

A honey bee in strip’d array is out searching for the rest

A variegated heaven is peeking past the tail’s of mares,

As silhouetted birds claimed the world as theirs.

– eab, Apr. 1971



I’m not redeemed tonight

Because of anything I’ve done,

Or any place I’ve been or any race I’ve won.

I’m not redeemed tonight

Because of my last name,

Or because of money or earthly fame.

I’m not redeemed tonight except by the blood,

Of the living Son of God.

– eab, Apr. 1980


I’d encourage you to think about Resurrection; think about it everyday. Think about Christ’s Resurrection – it was Glorious (with a capital “G”). But also think about *your* resurrection. As surely as Christ had a Resurrection, you’re going to have one. We will either resurrect with the just or with the unjust (Act 24.15). O, Friend, think about your resurrection &, By Faith, get completely clear with God.

– eab, 4/14/19


Act 24.15

“And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow,

that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just & unjust.”


“How many myriads of souls hast thou [speaking of war] hurried unprepared into the eternal world.”

– Adam Clarke


To claim you’re a “thinker” might be questioned by friend or vetoed by foe. But a desire to think is not wrong. Learn to pick up an idea, turn it around, flip it over, weigh it in a balance with Truth. Check from where it came. If the one who formulated it is deceased – was he a man likely to be in heaven or – did his life, habits, other writings show him more likely to be in hell. “Why, what difference does it make?” [Careful now, you’re not thinking Biblically.] If his life allowed him (from what we see) heaven, then *consider* his idea. If his life (from appearances) landed him in eternity’s trash heap, reject his idea NOW.

– eab, 4/14/19


“To forsake all, without following Christ, is the virtue of a philosopher.

To follow Christ in profession, without forsaking all, is the generality of Christians.”

– Adam Clarke

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