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Mat 9.13 +

Mat 9.13

“But go ye & learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy & not sacrifice:

for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”


Apostacy begins in the closet.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


Because Jesus ate with sinners is no sign that He agreed with them. On at least one occasion he reproved the Pharisee (Luk 11.39ff) with whom He dined. One of our toughest “jobs” as His followers, is to be among sinners – doing what good we can – yet be heavenly minded enough to see through the maze & offer them the hope of Christ, at a moment’s notice. They need to see us as “normal” & yet hear testimony from another world.

– eab, 4/19/19


“When political matters are brought into the church of Christ

both are ruined.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


I have a request. Not for my good – for your good. OPEN your eyes to the fake which surrounds you. We have plastic “flowers” fake “bacon” vinyl “wood,” imitation turf etc. – these are comparatively innocent. Far worse are “families” portrayed on TV, false news on a smart phone, fiction making you believe (or nearly so) that it’s “science,” faux actors/actresses about which you know more than you do about real people. Remove the phony, the fraudulent from your life, from before your eyes – Seek Truth!

– eab, 4/22/19



God does for His servants as He see best;

Some have activity, others have rest.

Several don work clothes, some suit and vest,

Some are far from home, some near their nest,

Some face life’s low load with a heavy chest,

Several sing and whistle high on the crest.

But all His known servants have passed His test;

They’ll gather soon from northeast to southwest.

Never forget, Child, God knows what is best.

– eab, 4/27/11


“In my opinion no one is fit for God’s service until he is willing

to be considered mad by the world. They said Paul was mad…”

– D L Moody, quoted by M W Knapp /Revival Kindlings/


Just because your “x” (modern jargon) has re-married is no sign you’re free to. They broke their “till death do us part” promise, but you can “keep your word” to them. (Two wrongs do not make a right). It has to be very hard to see couples who seem happy & you’re alone or trying to play Dad & Mom to under-age children. I’m sorry. But if you can overcome – you can with His grace (Luk 1.37), in a short while you can go to up & never be lonely again. Heaven will SURELY be worth it all.

– eab, 4/25/19


1Co 7.10

“And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord,

Let not the wife depart from her husband:”


“Welcome this chain for Christ’s sake.”

– John Huss at his death, quoted by M W Knapp

“I would not change my joy for the empire of the world.”

– Sir Philip Sidney, quoted by M W Knapp


Earth has some lovely scenes & scenery (real or even in your dreams) but the best of these are but tiny foretastes of that Beyond-Description-Upper-Land which awaits every vibrant saint.

– eab, 4/27/19

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