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Mat 19.9 +

Mat 19.9

“…Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication & shall marry another, committeth adultery: & whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.”

[Note: “fornication” is not “adultery.” “Adultery” is not “fornication.”]


“The soul that relishes God’s word

is ever growing in grace by it.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


I’m sorry you’re caught in an unscriptural marriage. I mean every word of that. When you realize the Bible condemns your “union” Take Action. A 2nd divorce may be necessary or a legal separation may be enough (IMO). “But I can’t.” I imagine satan will throw obstacles in your path. But, you can’t afford to die an adulterer or adulteress – hell is too hot. “I can’t live unmarried 40 yrs.” 3 thoughts: 1.) You may die in 40 days & be glad you minded God.  2.) 40 yrs (if God allows) is a long time when looking ahead – it’s “like nothing” when looking back.  3.) It is not 40 yrs – it is, One. Day. At. A. Time!

– May 2019


“Let the Scriptures…lead you to that Holy Spirit by which they were inspired;

let that Spirit lead you to Jesus Christ…let this Christ lead you to the Father…”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


Our finite minds cannot grasp God’s infinity. They can’t now. They (IMO) will not be able to, as gloried minds, one millennia “into eternity” nor a million millennia “into eternity.” Troublesome? Not at all. It’s great, as limited beings, to have a Father – son relationship with One who’s unlimited, now & forever.

– 5/3/19



Commencement – a beginning of service, I trust.

Or will you be, the one to see

Material gain as a must?

Gain in realm of fame of name,

Or pounds of finest gold dust.

Will you be the one, to hinder the Son,

And sit or lie as time goes by

And millions are born and millions die,

And souls are seen, as birds, to fly,

While the church thinks of Me, Mine, and My.

Commencement – a beginning of what?

A beginning of service – I trust!

– eab, May 1968


“Men’s hearts were never more in danger than now. Such is human nature

that it is difficult for us to differ in our opinions & love the brethren.”

– Able Stevens


One of the slickest tricks satan has played in the last decades is about “pride.” Holiness people – who, in theory at least, believe the Spirit removes pride in sanctification – are using the word “pride” in frightening frequency. Jesus never said, “Peter, I’m proud of you.” Paul never wrote, “You make me proud.” Please, Friend, search Scripture; as I read It all pride is carnal.

– 5/5/19


Mar 1.15

“…The time is fulfilled & the kingdom of God is at hand:

repent ye & believe the gospel.”


“A. Clarke…known to the Methodist world mostly by his writings but his real greatness was in the pulpit. One of his hearers, ‘In respect to the unawakened…he obeys the precept, ‘Cry aloud…’ ”

– Able Stevens


Fake news? Fake news from the guys who’re saying you can trust them? Very possibly. Fake news is new in the last yrs? Please! There have been fake statements (IMO) in papers, magazines, books & YES, text books for decades. Our concepts of WWI, WWII & all lesser wars (men-killing, building-destroying, money-making wars) since, are based on what a writer (left or “right”) saw worth writing, & what his publisher saw worth printing. The Good News (Gospel) is the only news you can trust 100%. Period. – 5/5/19

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