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1Pe 2.13 +

1Pe 2.13-14a

“Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; “Or unto governors…”


“…Parents cannot do God’s work & God will not do theirs…

Parents are called to correct, not to punish their children.”

– Adam Clarke


I passed some places near here today. The people there never worry about an electric or gas bill. They have no rent nor house payments, & some haven’t paid taxes in years. You probably have a section in your town that’s exactly like this. It’s called a cemetery. If they went up, they have (IMO) probably long forgotten about all the above. If they went below, they could wish they had they above & could therefore be here & repent. Friend, get ready – our day cometh.

– 5/17/19


“Those who have nothing to lose & to whom the state owes nothing

are the first to cry out of wrongs & the first to disturb civil order…”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/



E   Enjoyable life bundled into a boy

L   Littlest Dickinson, a child of pure joy

I Individually different(that’s all God makes)

J   Jesus guide him so he makes no grand mistakes

A   A powerful “name sake” – may he imitate

H   Happy Birthday, grandson o’mine, one first rate. – eab, 5/14/09


“…scholar who has no God, no unction, & no freedom,

no message on his heart, & no earnestness in his soul.”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/


May 13 Martha & I got to tour Phillip/Heather’s new home & meet its former builder & two sons. It’s a lovely place in southern OH. He took a load, some kids & Martha (so they could visit). I took a small load, daughter & two sons with me. Enjoyed our discussions. On way home a different part of the family rode with me & had a nice discussion. Love my grandsons & granddaughters so much. On the 14th we were able to share in Elijah’s 11th birthday party. Came home on the 15th, tired & happy to be in our own bed again.

– 5/17/19


1Sa 15.22b – 23a

“Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice & to hearken than the fat of rams.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft & stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry.”


“Modest is humility dressed up…”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/


Went to Lancaster Tuesday with Pastor Carl Eisenhart & Phillip Dickinson to visit the head of the Christian Nation Churches, Ron Justice, who was hospitalized. They went in first & I think Phillip told him his wife’s name middle name & I’m not sure what else. As I walked in Bro Justice said that I looked like Bro. Colwell. He knew him, my favorite uncle, & was part of his church in New Lex many yrs. ago. He & his wife were at my cousin Kenny Colwell’s funeral & so was I, but we didn’t know each other. Ron & I may’ve been in the same Free Meth. Sun.Sch.1952-53. It was nice re-meet (?) him & make connections.

– 5/17/19

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