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Ecc 7.8b +

Ecc 7.8b

“…The patient in spirit is

better than the proud in spirit.”


“The sanctified Christian can do what he desires,

& at the same time what God requires.”

– V O Agan, sermon 2/8/98


19 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Pro 29.23 A man’s PRIDE shall bring him low: but honor shall uphold the humble in spirit.


“You lose your world citizenship in the process of being sanctified.”

– V O Agan, sermon 2/8/98



It matters not the long valley

From which your family hailed,

Nor the salty ship, on ocean lip

In which that family sailed.


It matters not about their grub

Rhubarb or roastin’ ears,

Nor if their shack, was by an old track

In Greek-Roman suburb.


It matters not if long they stood

By slowly sifting sands,

Nor if their soul, was close to a “pole”

In frozen, far, white lands.


Were they “bad” warriors (I hope not)

Who have shed angry blood?

Were they worshipper (not much better)

Whose sword raised a small flood?


Were they farmers who knew the smell

Of soil newly turned?

Or bakers whose bread, the hungry fed,

Light brown, but never burned.


Did they know an ancient wisdom:

Parables and proverb?

Or did they just spurn, such light to learn,

Adjective, noun or verb.


Did your family – ah, there’s no lack.


None mattering, not a single thing,

If they missed salvation.


Brag not of where your family’s been:

Valley, plain or high slope,

If they fled or felt, the angry welt

Of gen’ral or of pope.

~ Ÿ ~Ÿ ~ Ÿ ~ Ÿ ~

Did family know here below

The Lord in His glory?

OH, if they knew, the One the Jews slew,

Tell, tell ALL their story.

– eab, 5/24/09


You may have influenced someone this AM: your attitude in traffic, a “Good Morning” to a co-worker, a “thought” shared at break. Did this point heaven-ward? Were they what Jesus would have done/said? If you had them to do over would you repeat the same, eliminate it, or double it? “For none of us liveth to himself…” (Rom 14.7a). One day we’ll have our last traffic, our last greeting, share our last thought – how will we be remembered? “…And no man dieth to himself” (Rom 14.7b). – 5/24/19


1Jo 2.28

“And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear,

we may have confidence & not be ashamed before him at his coming.”


Looking for the perfect leader? You’ve found Him in Jesus Christ. Born in poverty, trained to be a carpenter, became the most greatest teacher of His day, healed multitudes of people & fed them too. Yet His Jewish people turned on Him, a disciple committed treason, all His disciples denied or fled & He was nailed to a cross. But even there He redeemed a thief beside Him, assigned John to care for His mother, & forgave those who were killing Him. It gets better. He arose from that tomb, eat fish & honeycomb in His glorified body & ascended to heaven in plain view of His re-grouped disciples. He is coming back to earth & will be King Forever. The Perfect Leader. – 5/24/19


“…It is as reasonable to suppose it is the desire of all Christians to arrive at Christian Perfection

as to suppose that all sick men desire to be restored to perfect health.”

– Wm Law /Serious Call…Life/


So, you are getting married. Sir, will your bride increase her possibility of going to heaven because she marries you? Ma’am, will your man be more likely to die a saint because you will be his wife? Or, will the wear & tear (yes, marriages have such) make you hard to live with? Will “Sue” or “Bill,” if they go to heaven, do it in spite of you, or because of your prayers & encouragement? Amen? Ouch? – 5/24/19


“God is to be glorified, holiness is to be practiced, & the spirit of Religion is to be the common spirit of every Christian…”

– Wm Law /Serious Call…Life/

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