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Heb 4.15 +

Heb 4.15

“…We have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”


“…When he [sanctified man] consents to submerge his own personality in the generalities of social religious or denominational conduct, he has consented to his own elimination as a factor in God’s hand for bringing things to pass.”

– H A Baldwin, /Holiness…Human Element/


The strongest Old Testament man, Sampson, was weak with women.

The wisest Old Testament man, Solomon, was dumb about women.

Jesus, strongest & wisest Man/God in the Bible, was tempted “in all points” (Heb 4.15) yet never sinned.

– 5/24/19


“Do not be discouraged [that] average men are…finding fault…keep your special peculiarity sanctified & go ahead…”

– H A Baldwin, /Holiness…Human Element/


THE GLORY OF LIGHT (2 verses of a song)

You know my heart, O Lord, You always know

The source from which all thoughts and wishes flow.

You know my life, naught from Thee would I withhold,

O, let me come, O, let me Lord be bold.


O, let me come and to Thy Father heart

Speak as a child for assurance in the dark.

And when the tests and trials would affright,

Remind me, You, were a pillar of fire by night.

– eab, May 1971


“They have shut themselves out from God & they are doomed eternally to a loneliness that is unspeakable, to a loneliness that is absolutely inexpressible, to a never-ending hopelessness.”

– S D Herron, sermon


You pastor, or teach in a christian school or sing church specials & would be unhappy to be called a rebel against Christ. Yet, the Spirit of God spoke to you about leaving “x” out of your life, He reminded you (more than once?) not to use that word and/or He’s condemned what you watch (in person or on a device) & you’ve not obeying. What is that but rebellion? The devil was kicked out of heaven, Eve & Adam were banished from Eden for disobedience. Please, Friend, stop rebelling. – 5/25/19


Rev 21.8

“…The fearful & unbelieving & the abominable &murderers & whoremongers & sorcerers & idolaters & all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone…”


“Some things God doesn’t want you to share with other people.

They are between you & Him alone.”

– S D Herron, sermon


God *could* make Himself visible to every person on earth. At. The. Same. Time. He has chosen not to. One reason for this is (IMO) so that we will BELIEVE. We can “connect” with Him by faith. Not only can we, we must “…Without faith it is impossible to please” (Heb 11.6a) God.

– 5/25/19

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