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1Jo 2.17 +

1Jo 2.17

“…The world passeth away & the lust thereof:

but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”


“‘Love ye your enemies’…the most sublime precept ever delivered to man…a false religion durst not give…without supernatural influence, it must be forever impracticable.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


You once lived a life less like the world. Due to parental restraints, or christian school rules, or Best, God’s leadership for you, there were places you didn’t go, words you didn’t say, items you didn’t wear. You can return, prodigal, to Father’s house, If you really want to, If you want to go to heaven (& want to miss hell) more than anything, repeat, Anything. You can be holy. Will it be easy? Frankly, it will take all the manhood / womanhood any of us possess to make heaven. Come back, I beg you, come back. – June 2019


 “Ten lepers could associate together because partaking of the same infection;

civil society is generally maintained because composed of a leprous community.”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/



Time was when we were all boys;

Our dads and grandpas were the men,

Standing strong and tall behind us,

A type of “God,” way-back when.

But “Time was” does not conveniently stay,

Time illusively passes, to pass away.

The dad and grandpa lie in yonder hill

We “boys” must their shoes try to fill.

Be strong “old boy.” Do God’s fine will.

– eab 6/6/10


“…Let’s cultivate that sensitivity, that keenness of the approval

or disapproval of the Holy Spirit.”

– S D Herron, sermon


There was a day scores (hundreds?) of holiness churches had “Holiness Unto the Lord” at the front of the sanctuary. A number of the white frame or soft-brick structures have been re-placed & sadly, in some cases this significant sign was “mis-placed.” If your congregation believes in, & practices holy living, it’s a great plan to “say so” inside or outside the church. If that is currently impossible, use the Lord’s Day “hand-out” to alert visitors that holiness is available to them & available within these very walls.

– 5/26/19


Psa 30.4

“Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his &

give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.”


“You & I must be willing to live so close to God

that He can check us on something that He may not check somebody else on.”

– S D Herron, sermon


“Thy Kingdom come…for Thine is the Kingdom…forever…” Hopefully readers recognize these as words – Key Words – in the prayer Jesus told His disciples. Matthew’s Gospel has “kingdom of heaven” 31 times (at least). Luke’s Gospel has “kingdom of God” 32 times. His Kingdom is important to Christ. Is It important to you – be honest? (The devil wants us to love with this world & its fleeting “kingdoms” & to ignore or at least, not prioritize “Thy Kingdom.”)

– 5/26/19

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