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Rom 1.32 +

Rom 1.32

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”


“…He who preaches the un-adultered doctrine of the God who bought him, will be hated by the Christian world…spurious Christians are the prime persecutors of the genuine followers of the Lord Jesus.”

– Adam Clarke


A super serious list of sins were penned by Paul in Romans 1. Followers of Christ should review this gross catalogue making sure we’re opposing these in our society. And, being sure we’re not slowly, almost imperceptively participating in any. Paul closes by saying “…have pleasure in them that do them.” There are FAR too many “christians” who (though they don’t DO some items listed) derive a sordid pleasure (via movies, TV, social media) from watching the killing, adultery, pride & other sins which God hates.

– 6/18/19


“Never be boisterous or dogmatic. Self confidence will soon lead to a forgetfulness of the presence of God; then you will speak your own words & perhaps in your own spirit…”

– Adam Clarke, /Christian Theology/



We thank You Lord, for Your goodness,

To the human race.

Your light and Your mercy,

Your holiness and Your grace.

A beautiful world in which to live,

A beautiful life because of the life that You give;

Oh, we thank You for Your blessings on this place.

– eab, Jun. ’71


To enjoy a ventriloquist is to “enjoy” being fooled. The “dummies” watching the ventriloquist play with the doll, know it’s a dummy, yet watch anyway. He is purposely deceiving his crowd – they’re purposely taking pleasure in being deceived. Such entertainment (as much “entertainment”) is shallow, temporary, & doesn’t belong in a saint’s life. No Christian should be a deceiver. And it definitely doesn’t belong in God’s Holy House. – 6/18/19


2Ti 2.22

“Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace,

with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”


You’re a pure teenage girl or single young lady & you find yourself, by accident, alone in a room or empty building with a man. Flee! If he’s your peer or only a few years above you, or if he’s old enough to be your grandpa – Flee! You have a valuable name (virgin) to protect – don’t give the devil half-a-chance to ruin it. And you own it to the man also. The devil can use more than one way to ruin a man’s life but the accusation of sexual sin is a major one. If you were in conversation when you realized the danger, simply say, “Excuse me, I must run” (& your must). You owe him no other explanation. Leave NOW. Flee.

– 6/18/19


“So at this day the Papists brag, that they call back those to the bosom of their mother the holy church…”

– Martin Luther /Commentray on Galatians/


Was privileged to sit recently (2 or more times) within a family circle for their morning, devotional time. Dad, the family patriarch, led a time of memorizing Scriptures (the family repeating after him) with verse & reference. This was followed by a brief explanation of the passage to which others could contribute or ask questions. Prayer requests were given by the mother or children, regardless of age. As a “guest” I was pre-asked to pray, after the requests were completed. God has to look down on a lot of debauchery & I’m sorry. But Oh, how it must thrill Him to see such family altars. Thank God for Christian homes. – 6/18/19


“So preach that those who do not fall out with their sins

may fall out with thee.”

– Martin Luther, quoted by Fletcher

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