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Php 4.19 +

Php 4.19

“But my God shall supply all your need

according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


“…True fear comes from faith;

false fear comes from doubt…”

– Blaise Pascal


33 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Eze 30.6 Thus saith the LORD; They also that uphold Egypt shall fall; and the PRIDE of her power shall come down: from the tower of Syene shall they fall in it by the sword, saith the Lord GOD.


“Men often take their imagination for their heart;

& they believe they are converted as soon as they think of being converted.”

– Blaise Pascal



God is Light,

And in Him is no darkness at all.

Has been true e’re since man fell

And it was true before the fall.

God is Light.

Oh, what truths in those words penned by John.

God is Light,

In the past, the present, – and beyond!

– eab, July 1976


Rejoice With Us! Six yrs ago today, after purchase completed, I picked my wife up & carried her over the threshold into our little bungalow. Who ever heard of a poor pastor (& poorer Christian sch. man) paying cash for a house? It’s small (little over 1300’ sq.) & needed a lot of TLC but it’s been Debt Free since 2013. Praise the Lord. New roof & porches (EABII did free labor, we paid materials), 14 new, argon-filled double-pane widows, 14” insulation (labor by s-n-l,Daryl) above ceiling & many other improvements. We’re so happy with our like-country location, telling God or each other nearly everyday of our gratefulness. Again, Praise the Lord. -7/30/19


1Ti 2.9

“…That women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness & sobriety;

not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”


Never accept the modernistic idea that holiness of heart can *rationally* be separated from holiness of life. Once you convince yourself that the outward appearance of “x” doesn’t have to agree with teachings of Paul & Peter, you’ve lost one of the criteria for distinguishing or “trying the spirits” & are more likely to be eternally lost. -7/29/19


“Spirituality is not how far we are from the world

but how close we are to God.”

– James Plank, sermon, 2/3/00


One of the questions evangelists on foreign soil face is – how much of what the nationals do/think is cultural versus, how much is religious? Culture & religion can overlap in subtle ways. A genuinely converted national can more easily draw the line between these two than the evangelists even after yrs on the field. Ready. For. This? – – – we Americans face the same question: how much of what swirls around us is cultural vs. how much has (hidden?) religious roots? Only the soul fully committed to heaven, the soul who loves God with all his heart, is willing to cut away what some “say” is mere culture but he (the saint) senses it has anti-christ tendencies. – 7/30/19


“We have difference of opinion but don’t ever

take the matter of unity lightly.”

– James Plank, sermon, 1/21/19

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1Th 5.22 +

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”


“The feeble-minded are people who know the truth but only affirm it so far as consistent

with their own interest. But apart from that they renounce it.”

– Blaise Pascal


Are you a christian using fb? Please look the meme over before sharing it. Is the woman showing cleavage? Is her skirt too short or is she in shorts or skin-tight pants? Read all of it (not just the political boldness you like). Did you Not see that 4-letter word? Really? “It’s politics, cupcake, look beyond it.” No. If it has too much skin or words of filth – – – you’re may be too interested in politics but not interested enough in being Like Christ. 7/28/19


“The Gospel only speaks of the virginity of the Virgin

up to the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.”

– Blaise Pascal



He chose a life-style rotten to its core,

He got his life-style, plus a little  more,

He got sickness and loss of breath,

He got illness and eventual death,

Watch choices – they may multiply by four.

– eab July 2008


What was your most favorite praying place in all of life? (No, I’m not asking you to post it – unless you want to.) I’m asking this to give you an excuse to wander returning on the path to yesteryear. I hope that two or three vie for 1st place in your memory: A place where God was near when money was scarce, or A place where you won a resounding spiritual battle, or A place remembered because of your faithfulness to visit there often. A saint may have had several dear praying places. Enjoy your trip across time in a spiritual memory lane. 7/28/19


Mar 9.44 “Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”

Mar 9.46 “Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”

Mar 9.48 “Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”


The devil’s men have made billion$ supposedly letting people “escape.” Some “escape” to a movie of Make Believe romance. A number “escape” to war zones (how a film maker imagines Roman fought, or WWII). Not a few “escape” to Sci-fi (CGI “worlds” with “spaceships”). A very high percentage of these trying to “escape” fail to realize they’re missing the greatest possible Escape – escaping hell through the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Stop the craze for escape (before it’s too late). Be Real with God & escape the real hell. 7/28/19


“It’s wrong for a man to be interested in a man

& a woman to be interested in a woman.”

– James Plank, sermon, 1/21/19


Find a sinful weed in your life? My experience as a novice gardener, is every weed has a root. Some deeper, some harder to pull, but all with a root. If you don’t get the root the weed with send up another try – it plans on living – you, as a gardener plan on it dying – who will win? Carnality has a root. You & I can’t pull it out; too deep, too hard – carnality plans on living – you, as a Christian must plan on it dying. Who will win? – 7/28/19


“Now, to our own events

we’re calling non-holiness preachers.”

– James Plank, sermon, 1/21/19

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Eph 6.4 +

Eph 6.4

“…Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath:

but bring them up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord.”


The home is a child’s first school. He hears, “They aren’t…” or, “They ain’t…” She picks up, “I have seen…” or “I seen…” They see that (what they’ll later know is) “etiquette” matters or it doesn’t. He’ll witness truth is important or a lie is used, if it fits. She’ll see love even when dad & mom disagree or see anger flair (expressed or suppressed); she’ll know it was there. They may well become readers (yes, even in this electronic gadget era) or not read, unless they have to, because of what they see parents do. Whether you Home School or not, Home is a child’s first school. – 7/25/19


“The nearer a faithful soul comes to the verge of eternity the more the light

& influence of heaven are poured out upon it.”

– Adam Clarke


Do clean “vessels” matter? When still an English-bike-riding teen I rode to the village. I stopped at Tillies & got an ice cream cone. As I ate the last of the cream I looked down in the bottom & saw dust. You know I lived; what you don’t know, is that’s the last time I was in Tillies. Clean “vessels” matter. I’m not so anxious to hear a certain Gospel song that I’ll listen to just anyone sing it. He may have a great “voice,” she may not have the light I have, but if the world is too much with them, it ruins the words for me. – 7/27/19


“Reader, is thy backsliding a grief & burden to thee? Then thou art not far from the Kingdom of God; believe on the Lord Jesus & thou shalt be saved.”

– Adam Clarke



Every leaf on yonder tree

Has an underside, we do not see,

Except when pre-storm wind

Tilts and turns it on its end.

It’s as important as the top side

But prefers itself to hide.

People also have a side unseen

Till storm reveals it, gentle or mean. – eab, July 2011


“The mystery of all mysteries is the con-joining of Deity with humanity.”

– J B McBride


Some tomorrow IT will not matter: *If you voted democrat, republican or did not vote  *If you were a member of a branch of the Methodist, the Baptist or a non-member  *If you owned a brick house, an old frame or rented all your life  *If you graduated from high sch., college or a trade sch.  *One thing will be of utmost importance – Did you once believe Christ? Enough to obey His words about purity? And, hear it, Friend, did you keep on believing, even to being martyred for Him? – 7/27/19


1Jo 5.13

“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God;

that ye may know that ye have eternal life…”


“A minister has no right…to make the way easier than God’s Word makes it. Those who would dare attempt…will be charged with handling the Word of God deceitfully…”

– J B McBride


How much prayer & thought, Dear Song Leader, goes into your preparation? Hopefully you’re seeking God’s direction for every service. If the job has grown to be a “job,” ask God to renew your zeal, renew your vision or, ask the pastor for a break (a month or two). If all else fails resign but that should only be after a lot of prayer & soul searching. Leading the right songs, meeting by meeting is important. And the pastor feeling like you are with him in concern for a service is also important. (This is not aimed at any of the song leaders I had while pastoring.) 7/27/19

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Mat 12.30 +

Mat 12.30

“He that is not with me is against me &

he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”


“…He who preaches the unadultered doctrine of the God…will be hated by the Christian world…spurious Christians are the prime persecutors of the genuine followers of the Lord Jesus.”

– Adam Clarke


32 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Eze 16.56 For thy sister Sodom was not mentioned by thy mouth in the day of thy PRIDE


“How astonishing is God’s kindness! It is not the rich merely he calls on to be charitable

…the poor are called to relieve those who are poorer…”

– Adam Clarke


ALONE > warning – Long poem <

The ship is crowded by the crowd,

The airplane to the last seat,

The bus is loaded down,

The train’s capacity is beat,

The car is jammed with people,

The cab can hold no more,

The wagon has no room,

And bikes aren’t made for four.

Be you one of many souls

On whatever conveyance

On a vehicle’s travel zone

In final, full reality

You /  I travel life’s trail Alone.

Alone we were born to our fair mom

Alone we’re born to dad

Alone we’ll always feel

When happenings are so sad.

Alone we learn to ride the bike

Alone we learn to swim

Alone we clamber up the hill

And roll down its side, on a whim.

Alone we pass the last hard class

Alone we run the race

Alone we jump the creek’s broad span

(Successful or on our face).

Alone we apply for that job

Alone we learn to drive

Alone we gather living skills

By which we hope to thrive.

Alone we feel when we fail

Alone and taking the blame

Alone even when at the top;

Loneliness is a part of fame.

Alone we get the news from home

Alone we read the letter

Alone we also read the Good Book

To guide us, make us better.

Alone we answer the call

Alone we serve our stay

Alone we leave in truck or plane

And feel alone as we pull away.

From what I see, we’ll die alone,

Alone I say – but let me quickly share

Through the above we were not alone.

God loves us; He was always there!

– eab, 7/25/12


You’re a believer. “Me? Not me.” Yes, sir. You ARE a believer! Either you believe in Jesus Christ, the Living Word & in His eternal Word. Or, hear it, you believe in a phase of the political, educational, financial, or social world which will, sooner or later, support the antichrist. You trust Jesus or you’ve put a degree of trust in a system of this world which opposes Him. (Or will oppose Him when the pressure is applied). But, if you don’t have faith in Christ you can. You can, By God’s Grace. – 7/25/19


Pro 22.1

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches

& loving favor rather than silver and gold.”


If SM (social media) “offered” no pics trying to satisfy the carnal nature – if SM didn’t connect you with wrong causes – if SM did not increase your craving for newest gadget$, it could still be a huge waste of time. If you feel your “business” requires you owning one or more tools to access SM, have the self-discipline to do your transactions & get off. Don’t let it dominate your life, as it will, if uncontrolled.



“…Young people…Do not marry just anyone…see how the brothers & sisters turned out.

You could marry yourself into trouble…”

– Warren McIntire


Competition is huge in the “dog-eat-dog” business world. Sadly, men (some worldly-minded, some innocent perhaps) brought competition to the church “Who brings the most new kids…” “The S.S. class with the largest missionary offering…” Competition highlights this kid/group but makes another look incompetent. Churches shouldn’t make anyone feel foolish or like “losers” – Jesus didn’t. Human wisdom may say compete. Remember “…The world by wisdom knew not God…”(1Co 1.21).

Alternative? Reward everyone who brings a new child – what Jesus would likely do. – 7/26/19


“There comes a time in the experience of every man & woman who has been genuinely saved when they must do something about getting sanctified.”

– Warren McIntire

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Heb 2.12 +

Heb 2.12

“I will declare thy name unto my brethren,

in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.”


No one sings like a saint. Whether he/she can sing or not (to a music critic’s ear), they know the One being praised, agree fully with the praise offered, & sing from the soul, not just throat & diaphragm. How wonderful to be present when a Holy Spirit filled man/woman breaks forth in singing (in church or out) & God is glorified. Voice training is not all wrong, but being a singing son/daughter of the One worshipped is always all right. – 7/24/19


“Jesus Christ…offers thee the pardon he has purchased, on the simply condition

that thou believe that his death is a sufficient sacrifice…”

– Adam Clarke


God has given you the ability to make money & this has allowed you to buy/build a dream cabin in the mountains, or a lovely cottage by a lake, or a New England spot overlooking the Atlantic. It’s very nice to have such “get-a-ways.” Happy for you – enjoy. Now – heads up – God has also (whether you’re rich or poor), by the death & resurrection of His Perfect Son, allowed you to prepare for & to go to heaven. As your friend, I want you to enjoy a much higher “get-a-way,” one you’ll never have to leave. Make sure, O make very sure, you have “A Mansion Over the Hilltop” (1949 song, Ira Stanphill). – 7/25/19


“As there is no end to the merits of Christ incarnated & crucified…

[there are] no limits to the improvability of the human soul….”

– Adam Clarke



There was a lad from “Shepherd’sville”

Who would be king – it was God’s will.

David was on duty there,

In spite of lion and of bear.

Doing one’s duty God honors still. – eab, July 2006


“When we get sanctified we lose our old name, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, United Brethren, Nazarene…we are the sanctified person or the holiness man or woman.”

– J B McBride


Have we yet seen – as flag posting, flag waving Americans – the utter temporariness of our country? (I have driven in 49 states & really like America.) Have we, by contrast, seen the Happy Unending-ness of Christ’s Kingdom? Pray for God to have mercy on America, pray for the president, v.p., senators etc. Know, all the time, that this land is going to end BUT the Kingdom of Heaven never ends. You cannot love both equally, “No servant can serve two masters…” (Luk 16.13). – 7/25/19


Mat 6.24

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one & love the other; or else he will hold to the one & despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”


“We have valley experiences after we are cleansed from all sin but no ‘dumps.’

We are serious but not angry; we are cheerful but not silly, we sorrow but we are always rejoicing.”

– J B McBride


Recently saw where a famous man (born same yr as 1 of our sons) was married ’87-‘93, married again in ‘93, & now has a third, female partner. I want to praise God publicly, that all four of our children have stayed with their first mates (& thank each mate for staying with our child J). If you, reader, are suffering with a divorce among your children I am sorry, & hope you’ll live to see such reconciled. But allow me to Praise the Father & thank our children, for these intact marriages in this adulterous generation. – 7/25/19

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Rev 16.13 +

Rev 16.13

“…I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon

& out of the mouth of the beast & out of the mouth of the false prophet.”


“The church was never sent to entertain men.”

– Beverly Carradine


31 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Eze 16.49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, PRIDE, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.


“We love to give to those we love…

The giver gives character to the gift.”

– Beverly Carradine



Sinners are trying to make their

Carnal concept of a heaven on earth

Which, if it weren’t so sad

Could bring a bit of mirth

Mansions with “x” hundreds square feet

Their Arabians are sleek & so fleet

While Olympians at their pool oft meet.

But of their “heaven” they’re the center

Both when they leave & when they enter.

The true Heaven resting far miles above

Is not “fixed” on items but on perfect love.

It’s God’s Eternal, Ethereal, Enormous home

He allows us His “adopted kids” to roam

Read about it in God’s Classic Tome

God the Father, God the Spirit, God the Son

Heaven centers on Them: The Three-in-One. – eab, Jul 2019


T To

H Honestly

I Inquire –

N Noting new

K Knowledge. July 2019


Jer 30.2

“Thus speaketh the LORD God of Israel, saying,

‘Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book.’”


Why a book? It is inexpensive (buy most of mine used). It is easily stored & can be packed without much care. A book requires no electric plug-in, ever. It has no battery to weaken or “die.” There’s something homey, something scholarly, something of historically familiarity about having a book in your hand. You can read a page or read a chapter, lay it down & return tomorrow. You can then pick it up (like seeing an old friend) & begin right where you left off. If it’s yours – I much prefer owning a book I’m reading – you can high-light it as you “travel.” If you’ve left the adventuresome field of books, come back. They haven’t gone out of style & are not likely to soon, if ever. – 7/21/19


“The senses of the soul are so delicately tempered & so finely constructed that a foolish word, an impure thought…will mar its beautiful walls & grieve the Spirit & separate the soul from the communion & smile of its Christ.”

– J B McBride


True or False. No, this is not a test. It’s posted to remind, we often have to decide – Is this True, is it False? “I don’t like having to make tough decisions.” I agree, it can get tiresome having to pick “x” up, look it over, shake it, & pray about it. Is this True or False? Then in few days (hours?) do the same with “y.” Much of the False will tell you it’s True. Praise the Lord, the True will never say it’s False, but those pushing False will try to convince that the True is False. The devil is a Liar -That’s a fact. And, you need discernment – That’s a Fact. You can’t change him, but God can help you avoid his traps. – 7/22/19


“Tens of thousands of blessings are missed because

we think the matter too small to trouble our abiding Guest…”

– J B McBride

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Php 4.8 +

Php 4.8a

“…Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure…

Php 4.8b

“…Whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue

& if there be any praise, think on these things.


There never was a mouse, duck, dog, lion (you name it) which talked or acted as disney portrays them. It is all falseness. Literally billions of drawings or billions of frames (showing slightly different positions) make the “make-believe” animal appear to walk, run, swim or fly. Please parents, don’t allow your child to watch all these lies-in-action. If there were no slang words, if there were no immodesty, if there were no sex-scenes the very core of comics is often anti-Christian, anti-Bible &/or anti-creation.

– 7/1/19


“We would find no pleasure in beholding the beauty of the Father’s house of many mansions

if Christ were not present to fill it with the light of His countenance.”

– T M Anderson


Are games wrong? No, not if you’re a child. “…When I became a man I put away childish things”(1Co 13.11b), Paul agrees that children play – it’s understood they do. Paul, however, would be appalled at the 1000s of MEN today who play. Some men play evening by evening or every chance they get. Some live to play & would’ve loved it if they’d been good enough to play professionally, get paid to play. Sounds like Paul stopped playing. Limit your recreation time, my brothers, limit it.



“Consistent living on the part of God’s people

is the condition to obtaining the answer to prayer.”

– T M Anderson



A man is noticed, abilities are seen

He’s called to act, his actions are keen

From blank to blank – he served that date.

He passes on, is referred to as “the late…”

God, oh, happy contrast, is always great.

He is always mild love (never wild hate)

God’s attributes know no in/out “gate.” – eab, July 2010


“We must get away from the world’s manner of life & conversation,

if we would keep His smile of approval.”

– J B McBride


If you read 2 books a week & give yourself 2 weeks off you’ll read 100 bks a yr. If you thus 50 yrs, you’ll have read 5000 bks. “That’s a lot.” Agreed. But we’ll leave this life with millions of bks unread. Millions! So – – – Watch what you read. As a literature major (BA) I encourage you to read the best of the classics from British & American pens. As a holder of a MA in Biblical Literature I strongly urge you to read books from men known to be orthodox & from men who blessed the Holiness Movement with their writings.



1Ti 4.13

“Till I come, give attendance to reading,

to exhortation, to doctrine.”


“God always reveal His secrets to those who are perfect.”

– J B McBride


Imagination is a gift from God, a wonderful ability which has almost unlimited “wings.” As long as, repeat as long as, you are clearly distinguishing the dream from reality – & – the reality from the dream. Sane people know whither they’re in a “flight of fancy” or in the real world – the insane do not.

– eab, 7/21/19

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