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Gen 1.27 +

Gen 1.27

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;

male and female created he them.”


“Eternity! …an indescribable something to which this is no analogy in the compass of creation…

It is what living I know not & what I must die to know…”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/


You can be a male but never get to date that attractive girl. You can date “Miss Sweetie” but not become engaged. You can marry but never be called the great name – “Daddy.” You can become a dad but never proceed to grandpa. You can be a grandpa but not live to be called great grandpa.

I thank God I was born male, dated my high school Sweetheart (married 58 yrs as of 6/30/19), became Dad (4 times), have be a “Gramp” 18 times (not counting lads & lassies who married into the clan) & am a great grandpa twice “& holding.” – 6/27/19


 “Judgment…a time when…eternal justice shall sit alone upon the throne &

pronounce a sentence as impartial, as irrevocable, & as awful as eternal!”

– Adam Clarke, /ChristianTheology/



When you sang “Whither thou goest” you didn’t know

How far away we’d trek, where we’d both go.

But you were serious (& I’m glad you were).

The years, yea decades, went by in a whirl

And you’re still by my side, when I walk slow.


Whisner & Webb, that June, tied a good knot.

(To un-tie it we’ve never once sought)

They’re both gone, & the two Jerries too

But our vows are as good as when “brand new.”

To go though thick & thin, you’ve not “forgot.”


Goest? Kentucky, Ohio & then Hobe we found

Ohio again (three schools), then Tennessee bound

Alaska (summer only) then to Loogootee to go.

LA (Mississippi) to more Bible Literature know.

South Carolina, South Dakota weren’t close as sound.


Indiana a second time, Kansas, Hobe (“times two”)

Arizona – to be associate to younger man was new.

Canada called, was enjoyed, back to homeland,

Last pastorate: six years, retirement at hand.

Bryan bungalow, white fixer-upper, “trimmed” in blue.


Happy Anniversary, Babe, eight years beyond the gold,

From this your country boy, who’s now grown old.

I love you more than when we both were young

When you “Whither thou goest,” unknowingly sung.

Still rejoicing, still glad you to have & to hold. – 6/30/19



“Paul, a man with a Greek mind & a Roman will, & a Hebrew soul & a Christian experience said, ‘Awake to righteousness & sin not’!”

– Andrew Johnson, Methodist preacher (eab heard in person)


Once upon a time (Not all “once-upon-a-times” are fiction.) the Bryans had 2 little girls. They grew up, married, & God allowed them to have their own little girls – who also grew. A week ago this afternoon [note date] 2 of those (# 3 for our older daughter & #2 for our younger daughter) graduated from high school in a ceremony arranged by CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio) at Mt Vernon, OH. Happy for them both, for their parents, & for the nice venue provided. With these 2 graduations Martha & I passed the half-way point in grandkids graduated from high school.

– 6/29/19


Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving & into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him & bless his name.” [emphasis added]


“When God loved, He loved the world; &

when He gave, He gave a Son.”

– Andrew Johnson, Methodist preacher (eab heard in person)


Did you sleep in a bed last night? “It was too soft.” “It needs to be replaced.” “It is not a famous brand.” Stop – – – Answer the question – Did you sleep in a bed last night? Yes? Be thankful! Some tried to sleep in a foldout chair in a hospital room waiting for someone to die.  Some tried to sleep in a van or car because they can’t afford the rent in the tourist-town where they work. Some tried to sleep in a city rescue mission. And some tried to sleep under a bridge or on a park bench. If you had a bed, Thank God for it. Amen?

– 6/29/19

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